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  1. John Ayap

    He lied.

  2. Ethan Schoales

    He mentioned Bee Movie and We Are Number One but not The Nutshack

  3. [weird stranger]

    I'm pretty sure I have misophonia, but it doesn't matter if I do or not, the electro-who-carnio-shnook would be SO annoying.

  4. Corn GD

    matpad: you had to wait long enough so lets not waste anymore time me watching 5 years after the video released: yes, a really long time

  5. Asher Gomez

    Man, MatPat would love the new movie were Woodie left to start a life with that shepard gal

  6. JAXX Bobbykudo

    And a video that long?! It would take ages to upload 🤣

  7. Gand ozz

    And not only that the Jedi are also part of the REBELLION... rebel... they have reveled against the original side. When there was peace. AND THE JEDI BROKE IT

  8. Taylor Naylor

    Love this channel and I tried to keep up w this theory but it confused me so much lol

  9. Inky

    wait cars 2 came out on my birthday

  10. Brayden

    Forget the minions, I watched these movies for Gru. And obviously Squid Launcher, oh yeah!

  11. Malachi Drew

    The intro -- Too true...

  12. Riley Dover

    Waait a minute so if Simba is related to Scar, and Simba married Nala and Kiaras boyfriend is Scars son.. did Disney really inbreed!?!?🧐🧐

  13. jollyroz random vids

    salad fingers is adorable- most of the time

  14. OMAR F.

    It takes .000000000001 to be......

  15. qity

    can you do a video on how the other mother from Coraline isn't the true monster, rather the tunnel, something bigger, scarier. this is highlighted in the book :)

  16. I Talk Anime

    This is way better than math class, and it includes more math than actual math class

  17. Temjin 999

    Its sad how you made a whole theory based on a racist tweet....

  18. Z V

    But in the movies, we see Toothless show emotions and attachment to Hiccup? We see ALL of the dragons do this with their riders. So, even though the dragons are reptilian, they appear to have much more advanced brains than the reptiles you compared them to. The dragon's brain seems to be much more like that of a dog or cat than a lizard. If you look at every interaction in all three movies that Hiccup has with Toothless, then anyone would be able to tell that the two are bonded. Honestly, I think rather than training Toothless, Hiccup pack bonded with him. And the way the dragon's group together kinda backs up the theory that they are pack animals. They are always in hives/nests, where there are hundreds to thousands of them together and they protect each other and follow a queen/king. They care about and trust each other and if Hiccup were to have pack bonded with Toothless it makes more sense the way Toothless acts than if he were to have trained him. If he had trained him I feel like Toothless would have acted more like the dragons that were under the second film's bad guy's control, but we don't see that. We see Toothless "backtalk" and get almost sassy with Hiccup at some points, he really doesn't do want he told unless he wants to do it. Anyways this has been my theory and it on a bit longer than I thought it would. Thanks for reading.

  19. OMAR F.

    Nothing gayer than an Uberad/Didi ehh.... I'm not making money

  20. YTBlueSteel


  21. Adrian Hernandez

    I want to point out that the pen is different

  22. Canelita Adidas

    "It's a race against time" - Uploaded a year ago Yikes

  23. wiggxns

    LMFAO 5:04

  24. makes58

    Is that...is that DBZA's Cell in the intro?

  25. Annoying ass

    He lives in chernobyl.

  26. Money Brooklyn

    Spoilers... Matpat, you know Godzilla beat kong right

  27. mining764 111

    hey MatPat, do you think u could do a theory on the new netflix movie the michaels vs the machines ps i cant spell anything

  28. Mistie Babin


  29. Ahad Rauf

    One of the coolest MechE facts I learned is that a cantilever's moment is proportional to the width cubed. So if you half the width, you increase the bending angle by 8x given the same applied force. That has lots of cool real world effects, like how MEMS oscillators work to create clocks in circuits.

  30. zonald trumpet

    Dr just has an good gaming chair

  31. Mistie Babin

    I don get mat pats “have u seen perry “ can someone explain

  32. zonald trumpet

    Today matpat sweared

  33. Declin Stark

    Me who understands absolutely everything Mat Pat says: yes it makes since Everyone else: ?

  34. Rager Squad

    He is very lonely and going insane

  35. Stereo

    I tried szechuan sauce. It wasnt that good in my opinon

  36. Doug Lantz

    I was blue snake

  37. zonald trumpet

    2:00 caught in 5k

  38. Arya Keene

    What about Nala

  39. lucas hardy

    there are SEVERAL other ways where he would have died. fiblock.info/face/videot/qKp-e4p3jKOZXqw.html

  40. Robo Surfer

    Do camp camp! I dont know what you would do for camp camp, but i would love if you did a theory on Camp Camp

  41. Tara Campos

    hey mat pat how fast is the flash?

  42. Sehbaj Singh

    what happened to the zombies rotting out?

  43. zonald trumpet

    lol forget emma watson people know about matpat more

  44. Logan Freitas-Rodrigues

    It would make sense IF frozen 2 didn’t come out because other things were proven

  45. Panda Plays

    Yo no joke i was searching interesting stuff and then i clicked the new suggested then it lined up

  46. zonald trumpet

    wild bombus noice.😁

  47. Roberto Huerta Huerta

    Heres what happened they ate so much bananas that they copied themselves doyyy

  48. AaronPlayz

    Matt I would rather smoke 1 billion cigarettes then watch that series

  49. Maureen O'Brien

    4:01 Side note: The Udvar Hazy center didn't open until December 2003

  50. LorenzoMii123


  51. Hello I am noob


  52. krithikvishaal manikandan

    cant she just bathe in a lake or a river?

  53. Mickey Bekele

    I never noticed, but why do they all have human teeth? Kinda creepy ngl

  54. Paola Casas

    When re you gonna make a video about The Mitchels vs. The Machines? I really like the movie but on you last video about the Emoji breaking law I was wondering if TM vs TM was doing the same thing?

  55. Darrel handoko


  56. eydya


  57. Acsa Colmenares


  58. zonald trumpet

    Wreck it ralph 2 your turn

  59. Hydra RoohanYT

    4:46 1947 thats when my country gained independence lol

  60. Sean Tan

    Theory idea: so in Invisible, apparently the Viltrumite DNA is so pure that Mark is almost pure viltrumite. Could this mean that Mark only inherited dominant genes from his father? Would that make Mark share no physical similarities with his mom? If Mark made a baby with another human, would the kid be 50% viltrumite or still pure?

  61. Jarris Turreff

    Can be a wormhole, as someone else pointed out there is a natural wormhole on galifrey that has been around since the beginning of time. So they travel back in time to that moment, then go forwards in time again to get to wherever they want to go :) That way they dont need to set up a bunch of wormholes all over the place.

  62. xiospix

    after 5 years this got on my recommended

  63. Zebra E

    5:40 King kong vs godzilla ‘62: Lol

  64. wiseyeffect

    I said this back when the third one was released or was it the second....been so long ago lol

  65. Emma Norris

    Hey Matt can you do a theory on the owl House

  66. BUNNY Barricade

    I'm getting matpat to be my lawyer

  67. Caitlin Plise

    My mind when I see how many minitues : OH NO GOD NO Reality : meh

  68. kiesha power-arts


  69. zonald trumpet

    The plasma did not mattered

  70. Gabriel Yon

    Cars 3 is over 4 years old my god

  71. Kaneki Ghoul

    0:14 say that to endgame :'(

  72. Tyler Piron

    Low key that’s pretty fucked MatPat talked about a leaked scene in this theory.

  73. CheezyPotatoe

    Get rekked 4:02

  74. Matt

    the jelly fish theory could be true cause jelly fish live for a year

  75. Mr.BEAGLE

    This brings back memories 😭😂😐😑

  76. Noah Hairrell

    So it works but not for us

  77. Luisa Collado

    " Minions In Minions Arent Minions" wait wha-

  78. Tanner Smith

    0:00 me at 3 am

  79. Tanner Smith

    0:17 lmao