Film Theory: This Movie Exposed KFC's BIGGEST Secret! (KFC)

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    Theorists, did you know that Lifetime made a Colonel Sanders movie? And that it is a romance? Neither did I until very recently and you KNOW I had to watch it. I was surprised, not by the steamy romance, but by the fact that they seemed to reveal the secret ingredient to the KFC recipe! Yes! Throughout the movie they reference a specific ingredient, something very unexpected. Do not look away from Mario Lopez and his weird hair, Theorists! This may be the most important movie we've ever seen!

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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
    Editors: Pedro Freitas, Josh Langman, and Koen Verhagen
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Tyler Colon

      i think you wasted it and change it to spongebob and have a colab with aoexbale

    2. Conrad Ledet

      Making my way down FIblock searching for a new vid by mat pat

    3. 黑暗拳侍


    4. CocoaButterStudios

      3:41 Lily's Garden ads - Allow me to introduce myself.

    5. Lady Onikara

      I swear the acting is so much better on General Hospital than on KFC's little movie.

    6. Uzma Rafi


    7. Insane Goat

      KFC is slowly becoming the krusty Krab Their first step is keeping the formula safe and protected

    8. Eugene LI

      I think the kernel would not be happy about all these things

    9. EpicSayGamer

      This reminds me of Titanic

    10. C.J._GAMES !

      Imagine if corneal Sanders found about this

    11. Coldcody Animations

      The smash bros game part was 😂

    12. Andrei Kaw

      This whole KFC thing is turning into a Krabby Patty recipe type of thing

    13. Jaheim Stephens

      he did not ruin Johnny Test yet >:)

    14. Ali Chehab

      Thank you so much for acknowledging the KFC Comics!

    15. Nathan Joseph

      Just rob KFC we’re the vault and there you got le S E C R E T

    16. W randomz

      KFC a recipe for seductions make me thinking about trash show from indosiar

    17. Khattar Hassanyeh

      It's impossible for kfc to use citric acid as the pH level is low and will effect the overall colour of the crust.

    18. ope

      More of a food theory then a film theory

    19. Daffa Hafidz

      The person i love the most in kfc's game is professer dog(doge)

    20. Logen Cobbs

      We have game theory and film theory hmmmm you put it all together what kind of theory channel what happened hmmm

    21. Becca.Bender37

      for a multi-million dollar company, they sure skimped on the budget for this short film because the acting in it was BAD

    22. Dad

      They just chose pamplemous because its a funny sounding word, like Cucamonga or Timbuktu.

    23. Matt Cornicelli

      Soybean oil definitely is not healthy.

    24. Alexander Hood

      use of citrus to cook and season chicken is not surprising. It’s actually quite common thing to do.

    25. Cutie Galore

      Why people are obsessed with high-cholesterol cardiac-arrest inducing fatty, salty, trashy chicken is beyond me. This company murders millions of chickens every day and their food is known to cause cancer so the real conspiracy is why it's still LEGAL. Disgusting.

    26. Aiden Medina

      The intro was pretty freaking Relatable to KFC They be on MMMMM D R U G S

    27. Kurt Raneses

      12ft recipe 11 more to go

    28. mellisakuntz

      I can't wait for cornal cornal chicken club

    29. bad meme channel

      Damnit! I want KFC now and it's not even sponsored!

    30. Nezuko Kamado

      “I think he discovered 12th secret herb if you know what I’m saying” I’m dying-

    31. Criptyx__

      Can we just appreciate matpat just made a joke that the colonel is on marijuana

    32. USB_girl Carvalho

      twelfth herb, huh...

    33. Callen Soth

      Cornel Sanders is just like Mr Crab except instead of lying to Spongebob

    34. TeletoonAndYTV Archives

      I remember this movie. It was so random. I still remember the ending,omg!

    35. Shady slims

      See I've always wondered if it isn't specifically the breading but maybe also what they would use to brine the chicken or some stuff the put in the oil itself

    36. Omid F

      Mat question how can kfc have a secret recipe if someone is allergic to one of the ingredients how would they know

    37. DEARM


    38. DEARM


    39. Flaming Remy

      This is the final time we saw the original intro for 2 months

    40. Sarah Whatley

      Can someone tell me why the mom didn't marry the cheating husband???

    41. Rick Core

      Colonel be laughin Like joker

    42. Aaron

      You left out that they wrote a romance novel too

    43. Geanne Silva


    44. Arda Yelen

      Wait so is this supposed to be film theory or food theory

    45. tim orre

      ok...i was waiting for a Kentucky Fried Movie mention

    46. gojirassic

      Mybe the founder of kfc is the founder of the krusty crab

    47. ok ko

      Bubble boy Released: 08-24-2001 Touchstone pictures Love this goofy movie please make a FILM THEORY. Maybe about the cults prophecy

    48. Jennafer Badcrumble arts

      What if, all the popular fast food chains start their own cinematic universe? I just thought this because of a Burger King ad I heard from Spotify (dumb I know but thought I’d throw it out there)

    49. Arnab Kumar Kundu

      why kfc

    50. Yousef Sayed

      9:06 film makers no you mean mini film makers

    51. clout

      "might have found another herb if you know what i'm saying" drugs? the devil's lettuce? i like your style.

    52. Benny Roman

      The oceanic wound mechanistically worry because sand ultimately telephone aside a able gate. tame, watery flugelhorn

    53. Goku uchiha

      Are saying the 12th spice is crack hahah😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

    54. Jim Lazar

      I love the radio in Kirlian

    55. Rocks Sauzer Cartoons 21

      Wait, so is this a food theory or a film theory?

    56. Frisk Sanders

      One of the main thing is that the KFC chicken is preserved 5 days then precooked

    57. Laura Kommers

      All the channels are red, yellow, and green. The blue should be book theorists!

    58. Undead

      First of all wtf second of all wtf

    59. Cranberry Crunch

      Is the 12th secret herb PCP?

    60. SecondEagle8069

      That Kentucky fried chicken Making a Console port name it Kentucky Fried Console

    61. Pragati

      So in India I just at a chicken of KFC and I was able to know the flavor of lemon and now this can't be concident or is it it just a theory a my theory

    62. Jessie jamil Vargas

      I need to start getting my parents to buy more kfc more

    63. Phillip Waxler

      im hungry for fried chicken now.

    64. Gutmann Crossman

      The five pink locally curl because comma behaviorally arrange against a living wallet. hesitant, grumpy lift

    65. yes 1.0

      if he didint say its film theory and not food theory i acctually wouldent know

    66. Home Haorao


    67. Sebastian Butler

      I know salt salt salt salt salt pepper salt salt salt salt salt salt

    68. Suliman Amazing

      Sorry I’m looking for food theory oh there it is ok bye

    69. Sarah van Rooyen

      That intro though, lol

    70. Content for Fun

      The colonel right now be like. Is this what my whole life of hard work came down to?

    71. محمد الامين

      This is not a theory you can watch in Ramadan noon 😭💔😂

    72. Cataru Moore

      "For the first 3 way collaboration, we're doing KFC... What is wrong with me?" It's better than when you did Cannibalism as your theme for a crossover.

    73. Snow Kitty Gang

      Man the recipe for a fried chicken blend is just as extra as the recipe to make fancy paper that rules the world

    74. Bill Cipher Girl

      As someone who is a part of the Indertale fandom I can confirm.... AUs get wild

    75. Arkangel Arkangel

      12th secret spice.... .05 micrograms of colombian coke. The citrus is because only in FLORIDA they'd film this garbage... people will get the secret recipe when KFC gets sued for a salmonella outbreak and they have to explain themselves

    76. Londyn the Godzilla master

      KFC:be like KFC me: Kernal fried chicken

    77. Brady James

      That kfc stonks meme made laugh so hard I woke up in the ER for some reason

    78. no name

      Game theory, Flim Theory, Food theory, what's that other theory.

    79. Vox Cruora

      Honestly everyone so hyped over KFC's taste just seems super crazy to me. Every time I get some it tastes the same as the generic breading crap I get from walmart lmao. I bet the "secret recipe" is exactly like all the other "secret" recipes out there where it's just marketing ploys.

    80. Immanuel David

      KFC is my fav my mom also use lemon to fry chicken yum

    81. Kendall Fahey

      Even after you told me about all the fruit, I still managed to see none of it; the story is way to gripping to pay attention to what fruit is on frame.

    82. Pratik Raut

      The secret ingredient is...... NOTHING..... #KungFuPanda....

    83. AlteR ssrt3

      Krispy krunchy shits on kfc...I wouldn't feed my dog kfc...

    84. Koza plays.

      Me watches this then tries to cook with the recipe me foood poising level 1000.

    85. Theresa Cross

      I like the joke in the begining

    86. Dimension D

      Best intro so far

    87. Preston Rodenkirch

      CRACK!! The secret ingredient is CRACK! That's why it's secret.

      1. LorenzoMii123


      2. Preston Rodenkirch

        @greytilldie operator admin Seriously. It's a conspiracy. There are a few things on the list of "They have crack in them, that's why they are so addictive." Hardee's Frisco Burger is another. Starbucks Coffee. Some are regional or locally known.

      3. greytilldie operator admin

        No way

    88. Ulanka Chingun

      the food therey has a beter intro

    89. mark Rain

      first 5753 comment

    90. Just_Eliza

      And then he also has a really hot ad of him shirtless and buff.

    91. Kotvič

      I went the game then food last here. Im contextless !!!

    92. pramila liyanage

      Do you know that KFC fris the chikan with the blad

    93. Rimonda Hakim

      Who watched a mixture of all the channels

    94. Slimer

      Make a channel called "the book theory"

    95. SmellTheL

      They are so good at marketing lol

    96. Miss Akame

      why don't you do a three way tie while getting the food theory of mcdonalds, you have food theory- do a theory on the Japanese training game, possibly play it on gtlive, and a theory on the film? could be another 4 but also a three if not gaming as that's hard....

    97. Everett's Vlogs And Gaming

      he is taking over you. they are

    98. Snel Huddy

      This is Kentucky’s secret plan to take ove-... KFC is just a fast food restaurant MatPatt

    99. Terra Kitty

      The four nations of Theory once lived together in harmony

    100. Iza -mations

      Did anyone else go watch a recipe for seduction after this? Lol