Film Theory: Was Cruella ACTUALLY Wrong? (101 Dalmatians)

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    Theorists, maybe Cruella had the right idea. Wait, no! I'm not talking about making coats out of cute, defenseless puppies. I meant that they cost a LOT of money. She tells Roger and Anita that they simply can't afford to keeps them all, so they should sell them to her. Well, THAT is a bad idea but maybe she was onto something. Raising and providing for three humans PLUS 101 Dalmatians must cost a LOT of money. How much? Time for us to to get out our calculators and find out!

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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Mark Hofmeyer
    Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Forrest Lee, and Pedro Freitas
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Anna George

      What about spay and nueter?

    2. BLACKPINK in my area

      Me: Cruella is a Disney movie so anything could happen even dog poop

    3. Film Enthusiast

      Hi MatPat, I stole 99 of your theories. You’re not getting them back.

    4. Rain / Slytherin Queen

      I like how you brought up the possibility of the puppies eventually having puppies too and then led into an alternate for that- and yet the alternate was puppy murder and not, y'know, spaying and neutering. Spay/neuter your animals unless you plan to breed, folks.

    5. Jesse Wilson

      Breeding animals is generally very unethical. Especially dogs.

    6. Leonardo Somma

      So matpat was energetic enough to do all of the research we see in the episode but was too lazy to convert into the english currency system POUNDS £!

    7. SaveDalmatianStreet

      Mat really just disprove 101 Dalmatian street

    8. •~Black&White Devil~•

      I swear this video is basically just maths 😂

    9. Sammy Christlieb

      Did you count the farm and sponsorship from the dogfood company from the tv series?

    10. Lucas Coleman

      Lois Griffin Chasing Children

    11. Lucas Coleman

      What Would Lois Griffin Say?

    12. Lucas Coleman

      Reminds Me Of Lois Griffin

    13. Carlos Salazar

      I saw this movie when i was like 8 and did not remember the good acting and charisma of this cruella. No wonder some people hate the new one

    14. fifhform 1234

      I have 6 dogs

    15. Drei Drei

      Jesus Loves all of you guys

    16. Krisha Kumar

      well this is akward

    17. Cynthia Lopez

      Also, if the owners of the 101 Dalmatians were to spay/neuter them, the total cost to spay/neuter them would be 5,050-50,500 dollars for it since a spay/neuter would be around 50-500 dollars.

    18. SN Ki Vines

      Congrats ! On 10 million subs

    19. Kasaen

      Day 1 of asking for a 21 Pilots Film Theory episode

    20. the king of jesters

      I loved cruella because I was hated dogs

    21. CluelessButter

      I think why cruella use dalmatians to make clothes is because the thing that killed cruella mother's is a dalmatian (the movie is Cruella) and I think cruella is actually not bad she's just broken and trying to get revenge from the dog ik it's messed up using a dog's fur is messed up.

    22. Hi


    23. qwevvii

      It took me far longer than I should have to realize her name is Cruel Devil

    24. dew drop

      Cruella could make more coats if the coats were child sized. Coats of children for children (:

    25. tomotrono

      umm but the dogs killed her mother??

    26. Mask _Vids

      I think they do eventually sell the dogs though?

    27. illioptopede

      I'm just curious about the mid-credits scene in Cruella and, actually now that I think about it, it does kinda make sense why she did what she did. All the fur she'd need without having to care for hundreds of dalmations

    28. Jacob Ramirez

      Massive question, how come cruella is still alive during 101 Dalmatian street but Anita and Rodger are not?

    29. theSEEKfavoritesPERSON

      10:10 Sorry, I only noticed. 85 x 101 is not =8561... it's 8,585

    30. MacGregor B

      I mean….i cant blame Anita for not recognizing that Cruella was gonna murder puppies. I mean if i heard someone say that, id assume shed mean it all as a joke

    31. Whisper


    32. Queen Crafty

      that's amazing and all but did you forget the 8 billion pounds they got for putting Cruella away also the house came with the money

    33. Yung Solopath

      101 leash's might be a bit much. Could reuse half of em? That's if your walking 50½ at the same time.

    34. Sophia Todiroki

      101 Dalmatians is my fav Disney movie

    35. Antonio Ortiz

      Do a bo burnham dissection theory about the message he was trying to convey.

    36. Antonio Ortiz

      Do a bo burnham dissection theory about the message he was trying to convey.

    37. Donald Hoyt

      Yes. Breed and sell life on the plantation for financial gain... (Not. I have family who are high-end dog breeders. It is very lucrative, but also essentially immoral)

    38. Messyy Jackson

      You forgot the coupons

    39. Rechie Castroverde

      I ❤ film theory and game theory

    40. Darla A

      I remember when i was little, I really wanted a Dalmatian so badly! But i had a English Bulldog at the time. But now i have a Rottweiler and I'm thinking about either a Shiba Inu or a Pomeranian when i move out. Don't know which? 🤔🤨🤷‍♀️

    41. D a n i e l

      The likes are 101k DONT RUIN IT

    42. JL_0verLord

      yes yes yess 101 thousands likes YESSSSSSSSSSS boi you pricks better not change it

    43. Oxy Bright Dark

      You wouldn't need 101 leashes? 20 should be enough

    44. Ghust

      3:40 there is actually 325 dogs in there matpat You sir just lied

    45. imagination lande

      man every time he talks about numbers in this video sorry hello cruella I got some clothes for you

    46. Flisk _art

      Cruella is horrible but her backstory is kinda sad…

    47. EpiCheetah

      Congrats, this now has 101k likes

    48. Madelyn Sobotka

      In the new Cruella movie, she honestly didn't seem bad at all, and it's one of my new favorites ❤- I don't know about her in 101 Dalmatians, I haven't watched it since I was like, five or something, the others I haven't even seen 😅

    49. Wolfyyy Idk

      When i were little I always wanted 101 Dalmatians I also wanted as long hair as rapunzel soooo I would probrebly not have any money at all xD

    50. Mrpoopypants124

      Listen dude I luv your vids but cruella is my favourite movie so I cant watch this

    51. ultra apple


    52. Leonardo Somma

      Matpat: let's use dollar terms U.K.: wr use the £ (pound) system

    53. Aceofheartz Xaver

      Fun fact cruelly de ville sounds a lot like cruel devil

      1. EpiCheetah

        It was supposed to

    54. Bluu Bandette

      Cat person: enters the chat

    55. kitty moon

      spoller alart cruella brith mother killed her aduped mom and cruella name was elsbith but chaned it to cruella afther faking her on death disny+ 2021 crella

    56. Gregory Mirabella

      i'm still pissed about what they did to cruella in descendants. that whole movie sucked.

      1. NerdGeek Cosplay

        I haven’t seen it can you tell me

    57. no no


    58. Mr. Meow

      we gotta keep this at 101k likes

    59. Tomi Kuma

      But what if we did the math with the exact number of dogs that are on screen? Because as some of Disney maniacs know, in the animation there's not really 101 Dalmatians

    60. Kenton Russell

      Here at 101k likes. Nice!

    61. M Phillips

      The biggest errors I’ve noticed are that spaying/neutering weren’t accounted for, and the idea that every single dog needs their own grooming supplies. One set of grooming supplies can be used over multiple dogs, except for like, toothbrushes, maybe?. Even then some people use the same toothbrush for multiple dogs

    62. •Blossoming Beans•

      (TL;DR at the bottom) Something interesting I know as a dog owner: It’s far from likely that the original owners would actually be able to sell the dogs, not because of their numbers, but because of a non-breeding agreement. When I adopted my puppy, I needed to sign one of these, it essentially meant that if my dog were to have a litter I could legally not sell them. Yes, she is allowed to have puppies, and yes, I would be able to give them away, but it would be illegal of me to make a profit off of them. I assume most breeders would have some sort of contract as well that the owners would have to sign (of course, not ALL breeders have that) so the idea of selling their puppers may not be a possibility (if profits are involved). TL;DR: there are contracts some dog owners have to sign that won’t let them sell puppies

    63. zack nelson

      They could of inherited the property so saves them money and it's big enough land they won't need dog walkers the dogs can run on the land all day everyday

    64. Gia Wjnn

      (SPOILER ALERT) The Cruella 2021 movie is showing us about the past and the story of Cruella, i've been already watch it and i have realize that Pongo and Perdita was the son and daughter of Cruella's dalmatians( she have her own 3 dalmatians in the 2021 movie), then maybe one of 3 dalmatians have borned Pongo and Perdita. Because her friend is Anita, and Roger( was a lawyer and used to play piano like making songs about Cruella), so in the end of the movie, Cruella has given 2 of them Pongo and Perdita when they was just puppies. And there one more thing that make me curious about between the 101 Dalmatians cartoon and the 2021 movie is Jasper and Horace in the 2021 movie is her family( they were help Cruella since she was young)and they are orphans and steal people's things like thief to alive, but why in the cartoon movie they seems like hired by Cruella to kidnap the puppies, thats really strange. Well this is also my theory, and just let y'all know that Cruella not so cruel, in the movie 2021 she just being crazy cause he 2nd mother was killed by her real mother(cause he real mother is very cruel and crazy so maybe her daughter like her) all she do is just revenge her real mother. But after all her mess she has become cruel lol.

    65. 박미순

      Humans murder animals all day every day, murdering 101 puppies is the same as murdering 101 pigs

    66. kermy’s meme dungeon

      me: oh cruella isn't so ba- "she abused her cat" me: yeet her from this plane of existence


      101 Dalmations? Nah 101k likes yes

    68. Asylum of Games

      Wait she was right to begin with-?

    69. madrexer the boredTM

      Yeah the dogs now don't look cute to me now.. 😳😳😳

    70. Mxnnie • Wxnnie

      Ik it’s more work for him but he should have estimated that they had AT LEAST half the dogs spayed or neuter so they wouldn’t end up with 1,001 Dalmatians Also if the don’t get the dogs spayed or neutered they could sell the puppies and make money off that. P.S. I’m not saying they force the dogs to have puppies but just if a dog did have puppies they would be adding on even more

    71. shorena meskhidze

      People will buy puppys and sell to cruella and cruella will give them money for buying puppys and some more :(

    72. IMAGINE

      You know that Cruela's other mother died because of the dalmatians right?

    73. Von Flooferton

      Clickbait is for people who don't have confidence in the quality of their content. What was wrong with "How much would it cost to keep 101 dalmatians?" The video isn't about Cruella really.

    74. Marcus James Perlin

      "Google is your Friend" - *some theorist*

    75. Stariel

      7:20 The other day my class was watching Wall E and I told the all the people on the ship were canibals :)

    76. Tobi dk


    77. Hinata Shoyo Simp

      This sounds like Mr Beast raising a “few” dogs

    78. Quiche Remaud

      matpat: explaining how it would cost million to keep all 101 dalmatians puppies 101 dalmatians street: it almost to easy

    79. Bimbe Kasonkomona

      They can sell the puppies and because the are high grade you can get a lot of money

    80. Toast

      Why would you need 101 brushes and nail clippers?

    81. Miguel Sanchez


    82. A_WhiteWolf

      You think wearing your dog is messed up I eat the skin of your children.

    83. Cari Jackson

      Lort I always use to want them after seeing that movie I now have my own dog and I'm laughing like he's right

    84. Chickville Tepung Fried Chicken

      And yes, taking care of a dog is pretty expensive.

    85. CinnamonToastJinx

      I was gonna say to make a theory on these 2 thing but you've beat me I seen it literally 2 hours ago and I was wondering if they were connected or not

    86. Zero Glyph


    87. Joe Elliott

      Mat pac: hey can you think of a theory for cruella: Film theory: no lets still it for after hours


      Why don't you get all the dogs trained to poop in a corner of the property

    89. Dandy16

      Interesting theory but he makes no mention on the cost due to licensing to sell the puppies as in the UK breeders need to register with their local council and pay to receive a licence also having regular checks by welfare officers for the welfare of the animals due to the animal welfare act of 2006 which the breeder must partially fund. With the high pedigree of the dogs the fees will be higher. Just thought I'd mention it as I found the cost of selling animals interesting.

    90. Nathan

      Hi mat pat can you make this film theory:what is the lore of true and the rainbow kingdom pleas do this theory :’

    91. Alex Wilson

      101 Reasons Why

    92. Bacon playz

      I’ll steal you’re theories for you :D

    93. Sarah Mays

      The person who made the 101 Dalmatians made a book called 101 dresses

    94. Emily Neels

      Wow I have two boxers and a dachshund and that’s not even close to the cost of all three of them

      1. Emily Neels

        And I thought that was costing a lot

    95. aporue 589

      am I the only one who laughed when glenn said''woof''woof?'' 😄😂

    96. Rhiann Amber Jusay

      Ahh its good to be back here ion youtube

    97. Michael MAnville

      Cruella is very WRONG!!!

    98. Randi Price


    99. Rakhi Singh

      i have never watch this movie

    100. Levent Dagtas

      please do a One piece theory I would really like that.