Film Theory: Hazbin Hotel, There Is NO Redemption!

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    I've wanted to talk about Hazbin Hotel for AGES. FInally, I think I've cracked the big question of the show. How many souls does Charlie have to save to fix the problem in her fiery home? Theorists, Charlie means well but ultimately I think she is doomed to fail. Why? There are simply too many souls. Let's dive in!

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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
    Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Pedro Freitas
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Carlos Bustamante

      Wa wa walter

    2. Riyaan Thakkar

      they all are great characters in gravity falls

    3. SuperBoyGamer

      Counter mini theory alastor is johnny from the devil went down to Georgia

    4. Jamesy Tsigros

      Another theory with not enough research. Yay.

    5. Munch

      PLZ MAKE A SEQUEL TO WHO STAN PINES IS AND IF HE IS BILL My personal theory based off that video is about any time part of the axolotls’s quote a different time you thought about the future but I think he went into the past and took over stans body when he got kicked out of the house after costing Ford not to go to his colleague

    6. wesley harris

      Dipper is my favorite character.

    7. Pumpkin Shroom Spice

      I was straight up jumping in my seat when the bill cipher theory came up. Also my favourite character is bill and dipper and Wendy and ford and Mable and old man mcgucket and- oh well that’s enough for now 😅

    8. Pumpkin Shroom Spice

      I was straight up jumping in my seat when the bill cipher theory came up. Also my favourite character is bill and dipper and Wendy and ford and Mable and old man mcgucket and- oh well that’s enough for now 😅

    9. Zawachan The bacon lover

      For the mini theory your saying that my favourite Dorito is the source of a demon who can control RADIOS (in the distance) RADIOS

    10. Aceofheartz Xaver

      Completely off topic matpat but wat did you think of the Hazbin hotel song addict

    11. Jasmine Smith

      I am only 10 I am have finish watching it

    12. M0bZ0Mb!3

      My favorite gravity falls charecter IS bill cipher

    13. Lotus Cat

      Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill Cypher the dorito man!

    14. Pomlimom

      I like flying Doritos

    15. Luna Bean

      Now I wanna hear Alastor sing “ We’ll meet again “

    16. bee

      I feel like drugs would be such a high death rate,like doesn't everyone do them?

    17. Kingston Dix


    18. Conor Gillingham

      Matpat: "so they get sent to the good place. Where they meet ted danson and eat fro-yo" Me: That's the definition of heaven

    19. John Myers

      What if alastor is BILL himself becuase he was defeated

    20. Mackenzie Collins

      Why?! Why would anyone want to make something so horrible?!😤These shows latterly make me sick, and the monster’s look like something out of your nightmares!😟😰😱

    21. Foxy Ranger

      Wait i.m.p means immediate murder professionals right not immediate murder patrol????

    22. Saul Chavez

      In hazbin hotel you can see blitz from another demon show helluva boss

    23. Bill cipher

      Blue ghost moment

    24. Swetha

      Bill or Mable

    25. lentokone toveriturbiini

      I'm a fan of gf BUT, I can't watch gf in Finland anywhere legaly. Okay maybe on Disney channel but let's be real, no one use it anymore. And I'm not the biggest fan of piracy so I only have wahtc 1s from... Almost legal ways but until gf airs on Finlands Disney + I can't watch it anywhere. And I know about VPN but I'm just 16 and I'm sure my parents would not understand why I want north VPN, just €$£ month!

    26. Star Pate


      1. Bill cipher


    27. Robin Shields

      Can you do a HElluva Boss theory now?

    28. cat man


    29. Christopher Sanders

      Yes the real uncle

    30. Anti-HyperLink

      I've never heard of this or seen this before in my entire life. It was a show on FIblock? What are you talking about?

      1. AlexTona

        It’s a adult show made by vivzipop big so far only the pilot was made but you can watch another series on her channel called Helluvaboss taking place in the same universe

    31. Its Me You Know


    32. Its Me You Know

      I knew it

    33. Xavier Scratch #ScratchMarks

      Seems like sort of like a way to get some kind of the Hazbin fandom to hate your theory.

    34. Nobody568

      Bill died but he will come back maybe he is waiting while he does he creates chaos

    35. butter_biscuit owo

      ok but for real, who’s favorite character ISIN’T Alister??

    36. Vivian Caulkins

      Note: Charlie takes sinners that she feels are WORTHY of being redeemed plus sinners are killing each other on the daily

    37. ITz mr oof

      gravity falls and soos or ford

    38. King of madness

      4 months later still no continuation (;_;)

      1. AlexTona

        We’ve been waiting 2 years for an episode 2

    39. thegaming ninja

      you should do helluva boss at some point

    40. Backinblack Bunny

      We'll meet again don't know where don't know When bill Angel Just is my favorite character from husband hotel

    41. Muhammed Ahmed

      yes bill

    42. Dawnlight Star

      Stolas, Mat, Stolas. Not Solace, Stolas

    43. QGabeCOD

      gravity falls favourite character:ford.

    44. Cheesecake69


    45. I Am The Yeet God

      You should've said Helluva show.

    46. flapiVA

      favorite character bill-

    47. Eliza LastName

      - sees flim theory video on cool video - crack theory - sigh... didn't you learn at ness??

    48. Robert Bradley

      I love gravity Falls ❤️👩🏻

    49. Johyna Cristelle Rosales

      In (7:46) you can find blitzo in one of the crowds wonder why

    50. Robertodeluxe


    51. Zavier Raighne Cena

      Bill Cipher is cool

    52. XfriGaming245

      3:42 that is the smoothest transition ive seen in my whole fucking life

    53. Blue

      2018: dayku 2021: solas

    54. Another Absolute Idiot

      Can you do a theory on helluva boss? Like- blitzo, moxxie and Luna's background?

    55. Brian B

      Alright alright, but the way I see it is that Charlie is trying to create an environment that proves that redemption is possible, and then if it is, there can be a domino effect caused by this. Because at the beginning such a thing isn’t even considered but if she can sway the hearts of the public and prove its possible, it creates an entirely new business opportunity that could change the universe as it is currently understood. That would be the best way, in my opinion, to take the story because it leaves possibilities for so many other side stories and lore possibilities, a grander plan, a bigger clash between the two factions. Because if not and there is a clear winner, then we have no investment in the show whatsoever other than to watch doomed souls fail repeatedly which will get stale. If that’s the route they take, it’s the wrong one. Even people who feel they aren’t worthy of heaven will enjoy watching people they relate to become redeemable. We all watch shows to live vicariously through them, if there’s no hope, then the show will quickly fade into obscurity and I think the creator has been shown to be pretty intelligent and understanding of the human condition and would not take such a stance on this. But that’s just me, I guess we will see.

    56. Nicholas Pratt

      Back to give my love to the Hazbin Theories series (pending?)

    57. try again

      We gonna mention how stolas' song is a lullaby. And he is definitely not pg.

    58. The Cooper of creation


    59. gachagold112 zackattacks

      Soon and bill

    60. Kinsley Cammack

      Bill is my fav

    61. Horizon

      I just realized blitzo is in the scene where Charlie explains her idea

    62. Ryan Morgan

      Ballsy doing a theory on content this risqué, respect

    63. Spicy Oregano

      0:17 goddamn matt. You friggin killed em

    64. Dian De Lange

      Is no one going to point out that bill also sang will meet again

    65. Yami Midoriya

      My favorite character is human bill.

    66. thatonepotterhead

      MatPat i have lost all faith in you. you are aware that Alastor died in 1933 right? And in the official Journal 3 it states that Bill Cipher first appeared to Ford in 1981. That is 48 years after Alastor's death. Yes I am aware that bill had entered that dimension before that but the ancient people managed to banish him. So my personal belief is that between then and him meeting ford Bill wasn't on earth at all making your theory impossible. You do realize how faraway new Orleans is from where gravity falls would be right? Honestly do your research.

    67. RockWolfFilms

      My favorite gravity falls CHARACTERS( because I like two) Gotta be dipper and Bill

    68. Hiro Bot

      You are incorrect but OK

    69. Lesbian Bitch

      Topic idea: Where do they go after they're slaughtered during the Extermination day?

    70. Stølas

      "Solas" My name is stolas.

    71. Joshua Hughes

      Hazbin Hotel Development: _Not gonna happen._ ((Just joking, Possibly.))

    72. Aarav Nadaf

      Ummm mattpatt it is actually stoles

    73. Dominator 0211

      wait, they wouldn't need that many rooms though. There are 52 weeks in a year, meaning if everybody took 7 days to reach redemption and the hotel rivaled Hilton with 1.02 million rooms then they could take in 7.14 million souls. If they can cut down days per redemption to 2 or 3 days then her goal could be possible

    74. Yaroslav Ezhov

      I have a theory that Alastor made a deal with one of hell's nobles to grant him powers could become the radio demon in exchange so he could become a spirit of revenge to take out those demons who pray on the weak and innocent demons.

    75. Gameinations Yt

      It may be a stretch but I have a theory: that bill cipher is Alastors cane thing and the proof is that the recordings of Stan pines are outdated and the statue of bill is now gone (as far as I know) and like you said Alastors powers are like bills powers. I think that he gets all of his power from the cane thing meaning bill cipher died and is Alastors source of power.

    76. Aiden Klein

      stans the best

    77. Nobody

      Matt what happened….the immediate murder patrol , solace what???!!!!

    78. Lisa O'leary


    79. Rip Tyro

      u need to make a theory about eddsworld or bfdi

    80. Ninjago

      Dang we be unfaithful

    81. NintendoPersonalityCore

      Bill Cypher also appeared as an image in a book in the opening scene of Amphibia's season 2 finale, 'True Colors'.

    82. ☁︎︎clvud𓂀tears☁︎︎

      Can anyone tell me how to watch hazbin hotel??

    83. polyera

      bill cipher

    84. Aaron Weng

      Hey look he is at 9:99 subs

    85. Ashley Walus

      Doom slayer: ha ha shotgun go brrrrrrr

    86. Emily

      Bill cipher is my favorite gravity Falls character

    87. Starr cat

      Have you seen hell's boss yet it adds more to the story and also it is not about Creepy animatronics

    88. Stefan Nikov

      Wait for 2020

    89. TornadoAnimations Mikey

      Hay neatly 10 mil subs

    90. BlackLite


    91. Free Dom

      That was obvious when watching yeaaaaaahhhhh, no sorry, no sorry.

    92. BMakesArt

      I may be stupid but why is the volent crime rate 12.7?!?!? Does somebody do a crime but then stops in the middle of it or something 😂

    93. _.g0reph0bic

      anyone know if hellva boss and hazbin are all like friends i always wondered that ?

    94. Spongy74

      Alastair the RADIO demon? 1930 - 1940s? ITS WAGSTAFF

    95. Joyce Burton

      They could also open the other rings to sinners

    96. ToeNail Muncher07

      I watched it. So fucking good

    97. DuckyMomo


    98. Dillon Klasse

      You forget that heaven will also be working against them because if they start getting hell’s overflow population then it risks them having to do a purge as well.

    99. Babbleplay

      Look, we all know Bill revived as King from Owl House. Same show creators, same voice actor. The Shared GF/"Owl House universe might be worth a look; I, personally LOVE the theory Eda the owl Lady was the woman Grunkle Stan referenced in a throwaway joke about falling in love, marrying her that day, and her having fleeced and robbed him , vanishing before that day was over.

    100. Babbleplay

      Wandavision, get out of here! Go on; we've done enough videos about you. But... FNAF has- Shut up and get out!