Film Theory: The Giant MONSTER Hiding in Shang-Chi! (Shang Chi Trailer)

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    The future of Marvel remains a mystery and the world of Shang-Chi is no different. We know TOO MUCH for me to not suspect that some gigantic surprise is awaiting us in the movie. We know about The Mandarin and the Ten Rings. So what, Theorists, is the movie hiding? I have the answer but you will have to watch to find out!

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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Koen Verhagen, and Forrest Lee
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Yitong Wan

      The way kevin feige pronounces is actually way closer to the actual Chinese pronunciation than what people say. So respect to him.

      1. Elroy Satria wijaya


      2. ロッテ

        @Isaac Sheu you also don't pronounce the g in shang don't ask me I didn't invent the language

      3. ロッテ

        @Isaac Sheu because it's not for the English language you missed where that's how it's pronounced in Chinese when the pinyin are spelt that way

      4. Isaac Sheu

        That doesn't make sense even for English language. Maybe it's an approximation, but "Wang" is not pronounced like "Wong" and Shang is not pronounced like Shong.

      5. ロッテ

        A like in Wang is pronounced like an o an Chinese so it's pronounced as Wong but spelt with an a, that's how shang is pronounced, pinyin for air is qi which is how chi is pronounced (not saying the chi in shang chi is any particular word because multiple words in Chinese have to e same pinyin just 1 of 4 accents on specific letters)

    2. Rhea Chang

      Nobody: Matpat: "he's a kung fu guy who mainly does kung fu things"

    3. GlitchBlox

      U know, my english teacher told me once that the toys released to advertise a movie before it releases tells you a lot about the movie. Guess they were right.


      Sensei mat pat could Godzilla be in the marvel universe some day because he fought the avengers in the old marvel comics?

    5. Zakjac Da gamer

      I’ll tell you it’s abomination vs Shang chi with a cage fight

    6. Mr, balista

      Is it just me or do the rings remind me of the rings from Iron man armored adventure

    7. Retz

      ...But Fin Fang Foom only has 8 fingers...? where do the other 2 rings go- oh... oh god...

    8. Savage gameplays

      You should do a theory on the new mortal combat movie

    9. Srinikethana Home

      but fin fang foom was shown in iron man 1 as a movie poster.

    10. Shabab Haider Siddique

      My Eyeeees oh my eyeeees. I spent 3 years saving my eyes from watching Iphone Fist fight. What have you done.

    11. J M

      This isn't a twist dude. This is just referencing the source material.

    12. TastyOrca

      First time I watches this trailer I thought it was legend if the five rings related, big sad.

    13. Nerf is Ryland

      Grandpa Matt pat let’s go to bed

    14. Djdirjrjr Mdmdjdjdjd

      Thumbs aren’t fingers

    15. Djdirjrjr Mdmdjdjdjd


    16. Nate Wil

      Fing fang foom was also hinted at in the new disney plus series M.O.D.O.K

    17. Clairavoya-SSB

      definition of a ring- "a ring-shaped or circular object." It literally doesn't need to be finger rings and it's still a ring, so Fin Fang Foom could still be a big stretch honestly

    18. AK Watch

      Sooo, nobody noticed this was a plot point in the comics? Axonn-Karr is the Makluan that the Mandarin stole the rings from. You didn't need to look at the toys Matt, the plot point of the rings belonging to an alien dragon is already canon.

    19. Jaycee Ocampo

      Going back here after seeing the new trailer and look at that they really showed a dragon

    20. BiFrost MC

      the ten rings are actually also called "the makulan rings" which is REALLY hinting to the fact that gfing fang foom brought them from outer space!

    21. 出Enigma

      Ah yes, the most terrifying alien monster villain, *Fin Fang Foom*

    22. MDBB DAVID

      Ok the fight scenes arnt 5hat actually good but that because they were doing it so slow so it looked fake but besides that, I really liked the series, the characters, and ESPECIALLY the powers!!! Cmon I can't be the only one?!?!?!

    23. FM2


    24. GasmaskYT_

      Make another godzilla theory

    25. Chris Sears

      5:38 - Personally, I was happy with Trevor. The Mandarin is such a minefield of cultural insensitivity that I was happy they sidestepped it completely.

    26. TheRandomYoYo

      I was so hyped when I first heard of the mandarin as one of my first exposures was the original I am Iron Man cartoon show with that Mandarin and I loved the idea of the rings to collect and use. Hearing this here really get's my hopes up for a movie I would have otherwise ditched and watched the summary of as I was SURE the ten rings would just be the mcguffin without the actual fun Mandarin behind them. Hope you're right MatPat!

    27. BENJI !

      interested to see marvel try wuxia as a genre (or something similar to wuxia at least)

    28. Jeremy Ramirez

      2.38 no not fin fang foom if so you have gone to far

    29. Eliza Carrie

      I groaned loudly and angrily at the dragon ring reveal, not because I think he’s wrong or he’s gone off the deepend, because the idea is so ridiculous and stupid and I definitely think Disney and Marvel would ACTUALLY GO FOR IT 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ CMON MARVEL WHY CANT WE JUST LET ASIAN ACTION RINGS BE ASIAN ACTION RINGS no no no no it HASSSSS to be a mega monster gimmick

    30. MysticBean420

      ✨toy leaks✨

    31. Warmachine096

      shang chi is what im gonna stick with for the rest of the video. This might be painful

    32. Sharvil Sharma

      Shung chi and the ten breslets

    33. CplHotPockets

      Looking at toy leaks to predict the show he's giving me serious halo infinite vibes

    34. Cole Beyer

      This guy has it down

    35. Anke Van Lommel

      When you realize Fin Fang Foom does not have 10 fingers

    36. punklover99

      Chinese market? With the way the actors have said they aren't down with the CCP I don't think so

    37. The BlueFox Den

      In the last add they showed the dragon

    38. ItzWaterWheelz

      Iron fist at the start tho lol

    39. David Blass

      Huh. What do you know. Based on the latest trailer, looks like you were right.

    40. red panda12

      In one of the lego marvel games there was a quest to unlock him by helping his fro yo called F.F.F.F fing fang fooms frozen yogurt in think it has been a while

    41. Saucey Boi

      Just saw the teaser/trailers for Ten Rings and Film Theory hit on the spot for the dragon

    42. 51 Kunal Kadam

      Man this video is made for the normies.

    43. Jake

      We’re totally getting abomination as a new Dark Avengers member

    44. Pourpel

      Well watching the trailer, you were right about the D

    45. Eva-Marie Alimezelli

      This guy also does an excellent analysis

    46. Hi


    47. Reind Eater

      Iron Fist is my favorite Marvel show, 2nd is Luke Cage

    48. Skelly

      Instead of fin fang foom it could be mangog, maybe?

    49. Clint Johnson

      Makes more sense since I’m pretty sure we saw fin fang foo in that last trailer.. Good call..

      1. Clint Johnson

        @Mcpe Redstone In Hindi yeah.. I’m fully aware..

      2. Mcpe Redstone In Hindi

        He is not fin fang foom he is being marketed as the great protector

    50. Thijs Schols

      Is iron fist actually that bad I wanted to watch it

    51. Shosto

      Just watched the new trailer, MatPat got it right

    52. Mr.Yellow Jacket

      HOW IS HE ALWAYS RIGHT?!?! I mean there's literally a GIANT DRAGON in the new Trailer!!!!!!

    53. Ronald Pacada

      How did he guess the dragon JUST HOOOOWWW

    54. Antonio Ortiz

      Do a bo burnham dissection theory about the message he was trying to convey.

    55. K. Badguy

      MatPat, we don't care if we offend any chinese or the China overlords. Stop walking on eggshells.

    56. Kyce Essadki

      opinion iron man 3 was the best iron man movie, people didn't like it because of the mandarin. I am 15 so I didn't grow up reading the comics, i knew the mandarin from the animated iron man tv series where everyone was in high school but that was it, so from an out of context view point this movie was great, the twist wasn't

    57. Kyce Essadki

      "Shang chi is a very obscure character" marvel studios - yes, that is our job

    58. kristian demmers

      I only know mandarin because I watch iron Man armored adventures


      Wow, you know almost as much about this movie as I do.

    60. • trįpłęB•

      Congratulations, your theory is correct.

    61. GordonTheGamer

      now it is confirmed we will not see fin fang foom but we will see a dragon in the movie

    62. Tariq Clarke

      Iron Fist season 2 was pretty good tho

    63. BN_Andrew

      Except for the fact that Fin Fang Foom has 4 fingers on each hand, which adds up to 8 fingers. Where do the rest 2 rings go ?

    64. Fallen Epoch

      Question have you seen the trailer because there is literally a scene where there is A DRAGON

    65. Maraz Rahman

      The new trailer has has fin fang foom in it!! You were right!

      1. BN_Andrew

        *Has a dragon that isn't Fin Fang Foom.

    66. Leo Degon

      Ring is a shape, not necessarily a fashion accessory.

    67. Linc 215

      They put the rings on his wrists so that people didn’t think “infinity gauntlet” when they see the movie. Edit: they will not be using Fing Fang Foom because it sounds racist. (Fact)

    68. Adrian Rocha

      omg, he mentioned kung fu hustle I love that movie I had it on DVD and watched it in every available language because English was not an option.

    69. BrownZen

      See in the iron man armoured adventures it did originate from the makluan, but they never showed fin fang foot as one, but just larger lizards than humans.

    70. loki laufyson

      another corect theory though 1 small thing wrong

    71. Anonymous

      We see a dragon in the trailer, this is heading the way it is supposed to

      1. Anonymous

        @BN_Andrew I mean, at least there is a dragon

      2. BN_Andrew

        A dragon that isn't Fin Fang Foom

    72. Raging Sheep

      Unfortunately Fin Fang Foom won't be appearing in the film the actor for Shang Chi said he won't be in the film

    73. Elijah Go

      They actually showed a dragon in the new trailer.

      1. BN_Andrew

        A dragon that isn't Fin Fang Foom

    74. Mia Valeria

      Thank you for actually mentioning and condemning the anti-asian stereotypes and origins of this series. It's not everyday that I find some people who actually acknowledge even the smallest history of orientalism in pop culture discussions and I just want to let you know that it's greatly appreciated

    75. Stellar Hemming

      Fing fang foom is one one my favorite hulk villains

    76. pickedupapencil

      Just saw the trailer with the dragon in it. 😶😶

    77. George McDaniel

      You do.

    78. Gry_ Wolf

      so with the release of the new trailer, can we confirm that matpat might b ryt abt this theory ??? not exactly Fin Fang Foom but a dragon itself is true

      1. BN_Andrew

        Yeah, you could say that

    79. Sir Zechs

      Someone seems to have forgotten to mention that the rings also are officially called "the makluan rings" to make himself look smarter if the prediction is true

    80. Cash Barito

      You talkin bout fin fang foom

    81. manchutten

      A month after the theory came out, we find out MatPat was right about the dragon in Shang-Chi.

    82. srini vallabhaneni


    83. Bart Simpson

      this theory didn't age well at all knowing that this fin fang foom theory got debunked

      1. Crilyte

        Doesn't matter. Still dragon. Even the video mentioned the different name.

      2. Bart Simpson

        @Manav Khanna read this

      3. Manav Khanna

        @Bart Simpson watch the video properly. He says clearly that the name is changed.

      4. Bart Simpson

        @Tyler Richardson yes but it isn't fin fang foom, go check for urself by doing a little research

      5. Tyler Richardson

        But the dragon is literally in the new trailer

    84. Edward Gates

      I'm back to say you were right!


      Who's here after seeing the Dragon in the latest Shang-Chi trailer

    86. Mual Ital

      Just watched trailer. In the sea there was a monster. GG MANNN

    87. Chrsitopher Belinda

      matpat got another one

    88. Nicole Kitatani

      the second trailer dropped, you were right

    89. Kyler Belshaw

      Theory....kinda confirmed with the trailer?

    90. Дмитрий Пархомчук

      YOU WERE RIGHT!! Matt you are such a legend 🔥

    91. Brian Nguyen

      Well… the dragon is confirmed now. Just now waiting for the dragon wearing the rings.

      1. Noobplicity

        its not fing fang foom, its the great protecter

      2. BN_Andrew

        A dragon*, thats not Fin Fang Foom in the trailer

    92. Kitty_Vision

      Take a bow, MatPat. Take a bow.

    93. Manav Khanna

      So who’s here after the new trailer. Cause he was correct.

    94. zackary wilson

      Who’s here after new trailer with the dragon in it

    95. Michael Gallo


      1. BN_Andrew

        *A dragon that isn't Fin Fang Foom

    96. Michał Ryciak


      1. BN_Andrew

        In the trailer that's not Fin Fang Foom, just some dragon

    97. MathisMagic

      Rings of metal are still rings of metal, even if they're big enough to be worn as bracelets. Ring has multiple meanings.

    98. HeavntlyDivine_Savage

      Matt frl got it right after seeing the new trailer thats out (congrats matt)

    99. ホアンゴー

      With the new trailer, MatPat seems to be right again :o

    100. Sarah Bailey

      I think you called it! It looks more like Fin Fang Foom than Abomination in that Shang Chi trailer.