Film Theory: The Secret Villain of Loki is... YOU! (Loki)

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    Disney+ has been killing it with their Marvel series. I knew Loki would be the same and, boy, are they proving me RIGHT! I started theorizing after episode one but, after watching Loki Episode 2, I made sure we worked that in as well. What is going on with the Time Keepers? What does the BIG reveal of episode 2 mean for the future of the Sacred Timeline and the multiverse? I think I know how all of this madness will END! Let's go!

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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
    Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Forrest Lee, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Infinity

      Are any of his predictions ever actually proven right? Like sure he claimed the TVA to be bad but thats literally obvious.

    2. Jim Moriaty

      This show makes too many plotholes.

    3. Kaden Ling

      imagine miss minutes

    4. Syed NAVEED

      So I guess we are all glad that the TVA didn't consider the Avengers "unsnap" as a nexus event or a significant alteration to the timeline. It all worked out wonderfully well!

    5. I'm a Pizza

      13:51 They are going to TRY TU DOO

    6. The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer

      Man the title card is absolutely beautiful.

    7. Honey Maghuyop

      very few prediction/theory videos aged this well

    8. Butch Deloria

      Family guy.

    9. Nate K

      Well done 👏🏻👏🏻 U nailed it

    10. Dark Wolf77

      It’s kang actually

    11. sammy cohen

      Steve Rodgers was silent during the Vietnam war he was frozen

    12. MrKat98


    13. Denson Atomics

      Let’s be honest, if all this is/were true then Disney and marvel is just mocking us fans again. Simply because some fans want to keep things consistent. Nobody is against some of the ideas they want to do. We fans just would prefer they keep it separate from the main universe so it doesn’t ruin already established characters. But marvel already shows they don’t care about that.

    14. FNAF 635

      Film Theory: the villain is YOU Kang: yea no

    15. DYZ9KY Xd

      U do be predicting kid loli

    16. Drew Jackson

      Your media critique is first rate. But by far my favorite thing is when your voice cracks when you're being sarcastic. I do that.

    17. Kasaen

      Day 2 of asking for a 21 Pilots Film Theory episode

    18. Marius Rasmussen

      Me watching this after the finally Me: TVA Is evil you say

    19. Anthony Hernandez

      Who is coming back to tell him that he’s right and wrong

      1. RainbowScarFace

        A mix of both yeah!

    20. Ariz Hussain

      Who's here after season 1 He nailed it

    21. M J-F

      Who else didn't watch it yet?

    22. JaxzDoesBundles

      I will forever be sad about the Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D thing

    23. Oliver Janesch

      Tbh i think the clock is the villain. Guess time will tell Im so sorry for that terrible pun

      1. RainbowScarFace

        Yo completely irrelevant to your comment but OnePlus rocks

    24. I like blue

      Me watching this after the finale, oh the power of foresight

    25. Anni Baggins

      I saved this for watching it after all episodes are out to avoid spoilers (since you are often right and therefore spoil things (this is a compliment)) and I am so amazed by how much you predicted correctly so early on! I know why "you are my favourite" (insert Mobius' voice here)! 😍

    26. Saxel Adude

      yeah a lot of literature is about how authors want to write a secret message that doesn't go anywhere only smart people really get the message if you write to send a message your better off being a politician or just be literal in your media of choice

    27. Saxel Adude

      1:45 Is that a real thing?

    28. TheHolyDarkness

      Welp, you were half right. But....WRONG! Very good use of evidence though.

    29. GenevieveCrépe

      anyone else watching after the series finale

    30. Disapproving Shinji

      Who would have said the TVA were actually the good guys all along lol

    31. ThePhilatron

      Glad I waited until now to watch all these theory videos. It was rewarding to guess correctly before seeing brilliant deductions like this one.

    32. ShinyFireET1

      What's that song at the end??? It's good.

    33. Иван Ганев


    34. Иван Ганев

      let''s be honest ... Ired similiar stories , But for HTTYD , If Hiccup is Hicca Hika is more gentle understanding open mindedthan Hiccup . If Astrid is the role she is more clumbsy If is The dragon or even reverse role even more clumbsy even better in mind than peers .

      1. Иван Ганев

        @ISPuddy’s cousin In fiction stories are sometimes reversed role and situation Ijust gave example which was not even got the logic

      2. ISPuddy’s cousin


    35. eat pant

      the title of this video brings back memories if you know, you know

    36. rainy pilot

      Ok.. I have questions. Are the timelines and multiverses separate? And if they aren’t, how would a timeline become a separate universe? I noticed during the clock ladys speech that the timelines (or universe) clash. Does that mean that at that specific time both timelines that clash did the same thing or they clashed in a way like in Spiderman into the spider-verse? Also, if timelines and universes are different, do the branched timelines eventually comeback to the original and then branch back out like a wave? Or do they just never come back? And if they never come back, then would that mean that there would never be a “sacred timeline” or main timeline. This really is complicated.

    37. Rakoon

      After destroying the timelines is when Miles Morales has to have been made

    38. elkor101

      I Mean...frog..Aligator.. he was very close

    39. _Angie_

      I came here just I watched the last episode- I am so confused about it all lol

    40. Juan Jose lopez

      The damaging prison speculatively interest because wallaby curiosly grab mid a glossy icicle. left, deafening capricorn

      1. Bigdaddyswagmoney

        Im having a stroke reading this

    41. Med Dabo

      I’m watching this shortly after watching the season finale…….🤯 you’re a genius

    42. Jesus420

      Finally I can watch this Video... lets see if you were right.

    43. American Gamer

      talked a whole lot with very little to say...

    44. 14APrananth Sundar

      It was kang

    45. LengeGaming

      Well it looks like you got it wrong

    46. JELK JELK

      Hey Matpat make a video about the web series Eddsworld

    47. Christian Emerson

      There is so much wrong with this video

    48. GhostfaceGirl180

      Another reason TVA is probably bad: they're not using their powers to simply keep different universes from fighting each other. Wouldn't that be the more heroic thing to do?

    49. LilBabyMan

      This sponsor is actually good

    50. CutCopper35

      1:50 yes

    51. Iusten Fuseru

      The 2:33 hand is worthy.

    52. Javier Otero


    53. Christian Rodriguez

      1:50 WELL ACTUALLY

      1. Random person


    54. Kasaen

      Day 1 of asking for a 21 Pilots Film Theory episode

      1. Kasaen

        @Epic Tacocat start doing it with me, every day say on his newest 8 episodes Day (whatever day it is) of asking for a 21 Pilots Film Theory episode

      2. Epic Tacocat

        I second! That would be awesome

    55. TheaterPup

      Wasn't that the ending of The Prisoner?

    56. Zachary Mitchell

      Just watched episode 5 and havent seen this video, lets see how inaccurate it is.

    57. Ryan

      Tva stands time variants assembled

    58. Theoneandonly110

      Me who watched episode 5 already: 👁👄👁

    59. LokiPhish42

      The time keepers are Disney. They are telling us what stories are true. They have wiped unwanted timelines before. Stars legends didn't fit in their sacred timeline either.

    60. Jose van Eijl

      Please make a theory about King Of Katoren/Koning Van Katoren.

    61. lolz

      The thing that pisses me is that Miss Minute is animated on twos, they should’ve put just a bit more money into that character, the technology is there.

      1. lolz

        @Xavier Woodard it’s stylized like a 80’s cartoon character, yet unlike the intro animation of TVA it’s animated in 24 frames a second instead of 12, a minor detail sure but it still annoys me nonetheless.

      2. Xavier Woodard


    62. Knockout Starscream

      There is beauty in chaos.

    63. Myles Garcia

      You need to do a theory on The Platform.. you may ignore me 😕

    64. Jarrett Fuller

      Don't forget about Secret Wars

    65. Graffiti inc

      congrats on 10 million!!

    66. Skyvenger Studios

      no luca or soul theory yet... looks like matpats going soft

      1. PYRO_Chemicals

        Wdym soft wtf

    67. R.E.Venge

      13:34 - No... Chaos is a ladder.

    68. CloudyQuinn ._.

      Me who just finished all the episodes so far: *freaking out* DANG MATT YOU REALLY JUST GOT LIKE ALL OF THAT

    69. Ziwuri13

      Imma watch all da moviez.

    70. Steel prime King of Dabbleyoo

      My question is why is jedediah in the mcu and how did he get so big? Other question: why is a TV channel the bad guys?

    71. Bigboy354

      9:43 the Masons aren't a cult their fraternity

    72. Noneya Bidness

      Obviously. You're kinda slow, aren't you? The TVA (TV Audience) being a giant indication...they beat us over the head with it in the very first episode. No subtlety, at all. Not to mention "the sacred timeline" and Loki's purpose in it.

    73. Christopher Buckenham photography

      TVA Chould also mean TV Audience

    74. Sun Frezi

      Please do the Wakanda files pleeaassssssseee

    75. Splooshie

      "It's not like there were any signs along the way like their field agents dressed like heavily armored riot cops" Subtly implying being a cop makes you the bad guy. Topical XD

    76. helea darai

      The rhetorical friday experimentally melt because beauty comprehensively comb atop a unable pencil. tall, plastic eye

      1. Bigdaddyswagmoney


    77. Brokencreeper

      Me who watched the 5th episode:How does he know all this???

    78. Kyce Essadki

      there is a multiverse, but there is one timeline for the whole multiverse, they said that but it is easy to miss, and doctor strange already proved that the marvel multiverse currently exists, but the whole multiverse follows a strict timeline edit: oh and it was also proved in agents ofshield a thousand times

    79. micro wave


    80. Joren Deo


    81. The Effing Ralyks

      doctor strange 1 actually mentions the multiverse, they use it to refer to the collection of various dimensions in the single universe, IE, where dormamu came from, and the line "news of the ancient ones death will spread through the multiverse" at the end of the movie. MoM will most likely deal with this kind of multiverse, considering what we know of the plot is its another dormamu-like being trying to invade, rather than dealing with multiple timelines of the same events

    82. Meme Man

      Me still waiting for another theory ep

    83. violet starling

      he kinda got lot of things right tho

    84. Mulder Higgins

      8:25 HAHA! The Slipper and Rose!

    85. ArcticWolfOof


    86. zufar hadif

      Theory idea:Explain how doctor strange can see 14 billion possible outcome although it only have one line

      1. Bloxidy

        13 mil*

      2. That Marvel Guy

        Because he was supposed to

    87. 8-BitRuby

      1:49 so, ummmmmmmmmmmm episode 5.....

      1. Sten Kytt

        I was just thinking the same??

    88. Ahmed Mohamed

      Give mobius a jet ski

    89. H2O

      Wait in episodes 5 there is a thanos choppa in the void which could suggest thanos as a choppa

      1. H2O

        @LocalPlatypus oh ok pretty cool tho

      2. LocalPlatypus

        Not quite. In the comics Thanos had a helicopter that he used to get around.

    90. Zicky

      I feel like the timekeepers answer to why they have to protect the timeline is the ultimate “Because I said so”

    91. Isaiah Cartagena

      Yooooooo you were totally right, at least based on the 2nd trailer of ep 6 i think

    92. Enormouse

      I know this is a random video to ask but how do you make ur edits of turning movie intros into film theory intros?

    93. GPJ

      this is great

    94. Hi


    95. Brooke Lefever

      Can you do another theory after episode 6 or 5? Yes Ik 5 is already out

    96. Asgard_Reject

      _The fact he was right--_

    97. Cørvus

      Let frogpat host his own video

    98. Spencer Foley

      Waiting for part two explaining whats going to happen in episode 6......

    99. Alena Straube

      13:55 Wasn't he FROZEN in ice?

      1. Fry 4 guy

        He's talking about the time he went to live his life with Peggy after the events of Endgame

    100. Duckified !

      Actually the show says that the timekeepers wrapped the multiverse into the sacred timeline so a multiverse exsists just not a multi multiverse