Film Theory: Rick REPLACED? (Rick and Morty Season 5)

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    Rick and Morty has returned with a bang... at least for Morty. He was truly the "hero" of this episode while Rick was floundering to meet his usual standards. In the previous season, Rick was too cool to be touched by almost anything going on. In this episode we see him struggle to maintain his usual attitude in the face of his rival, Mr. Nimbus. In the meantime, Morty takes on a much more "Rick" like role. Can this be the future of Rick and Morty?

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    Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editor: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Koen Verhagen
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. dcoog anml

      Next theory: Why Mr. Nimbus controls the police?

    2. Evil morty!!!!

      I hate rick and that morty sucks

    3. Pkmn Trainer Red

      Even if I don't watch the show much (well I watched some episodes but that's all I have seen for now) I think this theory fits with the recent Rick and Morty theory. Morty is doing what Rick mostly does, and this is him turning into Evil Morty, a character with personality almost similar to Rick, like high Intelligence, sadistic ruthlessness, cold and manipulative (Except Rick being a Drunk crazy and sarcastic old man most of the time) and eventually he will LITERALLY replace Rick with the Robotic Evil Rick. We can clearly see how this will go, (the stuff ahead is Mat's theory and what I am saying combined) a different Morty and different Rick in a different dimension, a Morty starting to turn into THE Evil Morty we have seen waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the show (in terms of episode no.s) and a Rick constantly getting replaced and shoved in the background who will eventually be abandoned and replaced by a robotic pawn version of himself.

      1. Pkmn Trainer Red

        @dcoog anml Yea the whole episode covers most of the points

      2. dcoog anml

        Its mort dinner rick andre i believe...

    4. Bob

      If you're an NBA fan, they had a cameo in the new space jam - fitting; where LeBron is in his career, the back end of it, got bounced in the first round for the first time in his career, he's getting older, Rick is the same way, he's getting older and slower. There's probably 0 connection, but it's interesting. Also they gave up on Taz so maybe he is getting slower lol

    5. Bob

      No one in this episode felt like their own characters. Especially in the beginning

    6. Cozy Chomps YT ROBLOX 🦈

      Jessica skirt though 😳🥵

    7. • Dust-Bunni •

      i love the start

    8. GlacticGames

      goes to og rick into this is a different family lol

    9. Bluey

      3:16 do not give them credit, they only allowed it in the us and canada.

    10. Raisha Ulfa

      You souhld say Chanel 666 i

    11. Richard Hussey

      Season 5 is definitely in a different universe. Maybe evil morty’s.

    12. chrisbbz

      4:04 AMOGUS

    13. J C

      You messed up daybreak

      1. J C

        @asioe kiou matpat hummed a song called daybreak and messed it up

      2. asioe kiou

        Are we reading too much into the story?

    14. Parzival

      You missed the opportunity to use the title Rickplaced...

    15. vbddfy euuyt

      Next theory: Why Mr. Nimbus controls the police?

    16. varun009

      Morty is not Rick. We've seen an adult morty in the citadel episode.

      1. varun009

        @viiont eooiy nothing other than that it establishes were actually watching c-137 as confirmed by episode 7 (leaked). The trick to enjoying this series is not to take it too seriously. At this point, the writers are having fun throwing in random Easter eggs and various modica of continuity consistencies to draw the attention of the more neurally divergent members of the audience from the glaring potholes in the series. They're just having fun and I would recommend all viewers do the same. In episode 5, summer farts on a bowl of grapes and I had to pause the episode to collect myself. It wasn't gratuitous, but acts as a vehicle to illustrate summer's resignation to the meaninglessness of everything much like her insecurities. However, as I said, they're probably gonna make her a neurotic mess in some other episode. Expect shoddy continuity and general inconsistency in the mechanics of their universe(s).

      2. viiont eooiy

        what do you think about the graves seen in season 5 episode 3?

    17. Jordan

      Its mort dinner rick andre i believe...

    18. Lazy Genie

      Diane is the name of Beths mother that’s not a new thing.

    19. bigmyke620

      Love the song you Humm that was Troy's song in community you did about 1/4 way thru

      1. vbddfy euuyt

        Morty turning into evil Morty maybe?

    20. Leia Jiang

      Just realize morty is literally sitting in the end seat which is a huge power move

    21. TheUltimateTestofSanity

      So far the focus character of the current 5 episodes are: Morty Rick & Family Morty Rick & Morty Rick, Jerry & Beth So so far it's kind of an even steven situation. Season 4 shakes up like this: Morty Rick Rick & Morty Rick & Morty Morty Rick & Morty Rick, Morty & Summer Morty Rick & Beth Rick & Beth Morty dominates the board in Season 4. Then let's look at how Season 3 the kind of "on track" season went: Rick Rick, Morty & Summer Rick Rick & Morty Rick & Jerry Rick & Morty N/A (Citadel Episode, possibly considered an Evil Morty episode) Rick & Morty Rick & Beth Rick As you can see other than the Citadel episode, Rick is in _every_ episode of this season. One final look at Season 2: Rick, Morty & Summer Morty & Rick (More Morty than Rick) Rick Family Rick & Morty Rick & Morty (More Rick than Morty) Rick, Morty & Summer Jerry Rick & Morty Mostly Rick Once again Rick dominates two seasons in a row in which Rick is in every episode. Season 5 might be less about replacing Rick and is probably more of just a Morty focused Season given that with the exception of the odd Season 4, Rick dominates the board. Season 5 is Morty's time to shine which would be the most probable reason that Rick is sitting side-saddle on this one.

    22. Pepaigea

      I love seeing Morty be all badass and stuff

    23. Al Nobleman

      Ughhh your voice....

    24. The 21st century trolley dodger

      film theory what if summer is control of evil Morty

    25. Yosuru Shi

      Nimbus has a three way with Rick and Diana confirmed

    26. mohammed thaha jk

      Are we reading too much into the story?

    27. Xavier Nadal

      is that a gravity falls reference at 3:29?

    28. Archie Notcar

      When mr nimbus came to ricks house he said I knew that was you with the mermaid hookup

    29. FlynngoesIN

      Rick is sucking Morty's soul. It's why hes's getting better and morty is getting worse. Until its time for a new Morty

    30. Carter Cline

      what do you think about the graves seen in season 5 episode 3?

      1. Carter Cline

        Thinking about it more your own video speaks to this theory. The reason, what we presume to be our Rick and Morty (C-137), survives all these dangers is because he is the most Rick of Any Rick. For a Rick to fall for a Morty he would have to be very different and honestly in my opinion much weaker. I'm not sure that this Rick and Morty could survive something where they had to ditch their world completely. I'd love to talk more about this so just reply if you read this much haha

      2. Carter Cline

        it just kind of negates the theory since after moving to that world Rick said they could only do this a few times. This sounds confusing though thinking about how their world runs on the basis of the multiverse theory. Thinking about this we can come to one of three conclusions. Either replacing themselves in multiple different realities can somehow harm them or there are a limited amount of times they can do this. Again though this is ruled about by the multiverse theory stating "The quilted multiverse works only in an infinite universe." Lastly, it could just be too hard for Rick to find these very specific realities which is the third reason they're limited. This being said by your theory it is very unlikely the reality would've ended up just like theirs with the graves in their backyard. More proof of this is the fact that throughout the series we've seen most Rick's on a world that was originally theirs. A specific example of this could be the different realities displayed in "Edge of Tomorty" and "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind."

    31. Cosmo Chicken

      this further helps the theory that this season is showing the origin of evil morty because if you remember he had full control over his rick

      1. Cosmo Chicken

        im assuming in the finale of this season morty and rick get into a fight and rick takes out morty’s eye but morty eventually takes control over his reality’s rick which then leads up to the events of the season 1 finale

    32. Camilo Cardenas

      The future to come

    33. The Stalker

      Morty turning into evil Morty maybe?

    34. Rock girl

      Do a theory on angry birds timeline is more complicated than fnaf

    35. NateR 1307

      Hey cool the first episode isn’t on youtube

    36. transywalnia tiktok


    37. Toni Cruise

      When you can’t find the link

    38. ieatmodels

      my plumbis is never prepared, its lazy af. any tips?

      1. Rock girl

        eyebrows showing that hair is growing ther cause rick has a unibrow. It cud be subtle then become more apparent

    39. Mayven

      Was extremely disappointed to see that when l clicked the link to watch the episode it said the creator has made this video not available in your country.

    40. The space man

      I WOULD WATCH THE FIRST EPISODE BUUUUT its not available in finland

    41. Darcy Tsirbas

      The intro was so smooth

    42. just another account

      "If you can make god bleed, then people will cease to believe in him" - Worst villain in Iron man 2 with a pretty good quote

    43. Therev295

      Mr. Nimbus is actually a wannabe Namor from the Marvel Universe

    44. R&r Fistler

      Will this stop

    45. ciasd opops

      Sorry to dislike, I cant tell FIblock I don't want to see a particular video anymore for whatever reason. while yes I enjoy being notified of your videos maybe one in ten catches my interest these days, I should clarify by saying I don't think your videos have changed since I was younger other than a more assured tone and someone else editing, the latter I don't mind, but my tastes have changed drastically. Not many forms of entertainment grow similarly to the average person, but i might suggest taking a note from say adventure time's, or star trek's or pewdiepie for a more comparable summation, I'm not saying you should just give up and make meme videos or anything, although maybe as you venture into your thirties you take your videos and us along for the journey.

    46. walker zombz 535


    47. Owlytimewitme___

      Yes want more

    48. Keith Knows

      Omg you watch everything with subtitles too? Its amazing how much more information can be gained by always having them on.

    49. ATG Angeletti The Great

      Jessica's monolog felt like a Noran rad aka silver surfer monolog from the 1990s cartoon series

    50. Shadow Wolf

      So Rick Sanchez and Scott Cawthon are or were Matt's nemesis's yeah I believe it.

    51. Pi Network Invite: ZakariyaSoondar

      If the show wants to push the morty becomes rick storyline the should start a character trope (like when heath ledger licks his lips) for morty such as itching inbetween his eyebrows showing that hair is growing ther cause rick has a unibrow. It cud be subtle then become more apparent

    52. Coe Family

      My weekend's been good 🙂

    53. Calvin 7

      I think his newer theory makes sense with this that this is evil morty’s origin story because evil morty is independent and doesn’t need a Rick therefore in this season he’ll definitely be the main character

    54. Mark Ukrainetz

      Where is my fruit basket?

    55. Lunargalaxy5009


    56. mark valois

      Hey in the episode mortys mind blowers there are different colours meaning who wanted or caused that memory blue is morty red is Rick and purple is the Smith family but there are 2 more colours we don't know about yellow and green which are seen in the background can you figure who or what caused those memory's?

    57. marcus dennis hi

      Its the guy from fortnite

    58. Kasaen

      Day 2 of asking for a 21 Pilots Film Theory episode

    59. minij hooi

      Next theory: Why Mr. Nimbus controls the police?

    60. charles mcgrath

      The Narnia world and the Purge world are opposites and so are Morty's narratives there. World comparative Points: cat people VS dog people A world based off a fantastical series VS a world based off a horror/gore series Additionally, the narrative during the purge worlds includes a helpless Morty that needs Ricks help where as the narrative during the Narnia world shows his growth and improved ability to look after himself.

    61. Kokichi Oma

      How does this connect with him going into fffffortnite morty

    62. kean cuyson

      3:15 waitis that tom in one of the crystal thingsys

      1. minij hooi

        Oh my goodness

    63. Shubham Sharma

      Season 5 premiere is not on FIblock anymore, it's gone, reduced to atoms.

    64. יאיר סבר

      Rick and morty S4-E3 isn’t what it seems!!!! LISTEN TO ME. Watch this episode before 3 at night at Netflix, DO NOT get to minute 21-22 before an hour has passed since you started the episode. Enjoy from YOUR BIG EPIC ADVENTURE :)

    65. An_ Invulnerable

      we watching for sure evil morty origin or or maybe normal morty becoming a brain man who can match evil morty. like the profecy or the mortys

    66. connor Brohman

      Don’t eat the crab dip yeah yeah

      1. mikoy huio

        In the anime episode of Rick and Morty I realized when Rick bit it could have been his suicide capsule

    67. SeriousNorbo

      Next theory: Why Mr. Nimbus controls the police?

      1. Morfy ?

        OMG, he controls the police, get over it. Its MR NIMBUSSS

    68. Samantha Reddy

      Ha The episode is not available in Canada, I am laughing and sad

    69. amber nicole

      mr nimbus? no, eridan from homestuck.

    70. Await Tinko

      okay ... Its unavailable in our country 😂

    71. cryphorce

      7:58 portal reference?

    72. Miles W

      Congrats on 10 m... prestige, honor, pig rank, funds! Yay!

      1. serry ciok

        Could this be evil morty back story

    73. Skid&Pump

      Lil ol me Gravity Falls reference much?

    74. victor arbie


    75. victor arbie

      Oh my goodness

    76. Federal_soup

      i think that you put more thought into most shows than the creators do

    77. michael newport

      I didn't get the from old man and the seat

    78. Charming nowhere to hide

      I remember when he was complaining about no more Rick and Marty episodes to theorize about

    79. Desmond Biello

      That tooth lookin sus

    80. De Gil

      In the anime episode of Rick and Morty I realized when Rick bit it could have been his suicide capsule

    81. ConnorMac

      Any idea why Rick hasn't used his portal gun yet in session 5 ?

    82. Mateo Andelic

      i imagine the writers of the show just watching your videos and making the show based on your theories so you are always right lol

    83. Wtf bro

      That tooth looks sus

    84. George Levy

      Who is your interdimensional internet provider?

    85. A Wingedbull

      Could this be evil morty back story

    86. DaQuon Leggett

      Thank you for the episode link 🙏

    87. Straw

      Spoilers for the next few episodes! In the next episode it shows that Rick messed up, his plan to make clone back ups backfired on him (even is the true Rick doesn't know) which shows us that Rick isn't all powerful and can make huge mistakes. In episode after Summer is the one to break it to Rick that he's being used, which is very much in this theory's favor because it shows Summer that Rick isn't a god and actually can be used and manipulated. In the episode after after that Morty is very clearly lying to Rick the entire episode and pretty much saves him *again* which is another blow to Rick's godly facade. And from what we know from previews, the next episode has a Rick and Jerry story so maybe it will be Jerry realizing Rick isn't as powerful as he says he is.

    88. gluestick gamer

      I know the all the episode names for this season I will tell you the ones from 5-10. 5-amortycan grickfitti. 6- rick and mortys thanksploitation spectacular. 7- gotron jerrysis rickvangelion. 8- rickternal friendshine of the spotless mort. 9- forgetting sarick mortshall. 10- rickmurai jack. thats all the episode names for this season

      1. zijuiy wttuy

        Season 4 Identity Crisis Part 2

    89. Kasaen

      Day 1 of asking for a 21 Pilots Film Theory episode

    90. Bassam Alhomsi

      So will Rick become morty

    91. irene paule

      congrats at 10M

    92. Norman Thomas

      Rick lost his portal gun when he was stripped of his implants and gadgets. no portal usage in 4 episodes todate

    93. Goldboy Gaming

      Aww its not available in my country

    94. Chasity Fiddler

      lol what if rick and morty came into this world

    95. Nathan the Stoat [JEREMIAH 51:20]

      I started watching seasons 1 and 2 a few months before 3 premiered and never saw season 4 at all.

    96. Ebby

      I thought Rick and Morty would become a weekly theory

    97. Jeremiah Bristow

      but on the cosmic scale of things, there is no consequences for your actions. Even on the global scale there's no consequences for your actions.

    98. Gerstein03

      So far this is pretty spot on. Episode 2 nobody is really front and center because it's a bunch of decoys killing each other for 30 minutes. Episode three focuses on Morty becoming the avatar so he can get with crazy discount captain planet while Rick has the B-plot with Summer. And in episode four, Morty is the focus while Rick takes more of a sidekick role. MatPat is really well educated and spot on a lot of the time

    99. BabyRed

      we need an adventure time film theory episode !