Film Theory: Why Godzilla WINS! (Godzilla vs Kong 2021)

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    The King of Monsters is back and this time he is not alone! The trailers for Godzilla vs Kong look epic and it meant I had to take a swing at the BIG question - who will WIN? Well Theorists, it's actually pretty simple. So instead of hedging my bets, I'm going to come out and say it. Godzilla will WIN and King King will... well the answer is not that simple. You will just have to watch to find out!

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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. BlackScape

      I want to see Zilla and Shin Godzilla AFTER Godzilla vs Kong 2021

      1. TSEG04

        @Fenrir A sequel was made in the form of an animated show. It's called Godzilla The Series and the plot involves a last egg from the 1998 Zilla hatching and imprinting on the main character. This Godzilla is referred to as Zilla Jr and is actually really badass in the show, he behaves a lot more like how traditional Godzilla acts and is so much more awesome then the 1998 movie version. The show is actually quite good so I highly recommend it if you have the time to watch. :>

      2. RiverPlays

        @Tom Simons ✓ FAKE

      3. DatSpideyLife

        *End of jurasic park flash backs*

      4. Daniel_YT

        @Big Bear Dave zilla best kaiju boy.

      5. Nandraja J


    2. Nicholas Kager

      Sorry but when I saw the movie it was obvious who won if not interfered by Mechagodzilla it was Godzilla

    3. Asa Varnon

      No fake godzilla MatyPaty also 104 feet is 32 meters not 35.

    4. frick

      funny monkey wins

    5. Isaiah is bomb

      Imagine if mechagodzilla came later in the movie

    6. Rachel Hatch


    7. Logji Minecraft

      He got it right mechagodzilla did appear in the movie

    8. SodaDoesArson

      I mean.. They're pairing a giant armored lizard that can breathe fire against a big gorilla, when a normal gorilla could be taken down by a grizzly so..

    9. Alex_worldsyt

      Dear matpat can you do a theory on Jaws?

    10. Titanus goji

      Godzilla has 2 brains while Kong only has 1

    11. Lexiagy

      This theory is slightly disproven like how Godzilla killed the kongs

    12. Gabrielle Cruz

      Because it's 1962 king kong wins And now this godzilla wins. Of the 2021

    13. Monke

      If Matpat Became a detective yeah its over for criminals

    14. hmcullmer

      Kong can get growth spurs duh

    15. George Alphonzeus

      your super wrong

    16. Skyelexist ME

      After watching kingkong vs godzilla mr matpat you got it right! 👉

    17. Dakota

      this didnt age well

    18. Yasara Guruge

      oOMG jackpot matpat predicted correctly bruh

    19. Rehanna Najar

      Gravity doesn't affect monsters even king ghidorahs gravity beams did not affect any monster and king ghidorah is from a parallel universe

    20. Somony cheesey caca

      But you see there is one thing that is stronger than both of them, and that is famoly

    21. Priscilla Sarattee

      Mecha godzilla is in the movie

    22. serena_caban

      Godzilla did win Kong was strapped to a boat he could not fight and Godzilla literally has a blue beam shooting form his mouth what do you aspect

    23. Lurey squad 123 Kerby

      U got this theory entirely right except the role for mecha Godzilla!

    24. mr ducky

      uh film theory kong wasnt alive to fight godzilla in ancient times it was his ancestors kong would've been larger in skull island if he had already fought godzilla Godzilla was the one who fought kongs ancestors with some of his ancestors

    25. Deadpool-iz-cool Alfie allen



      8:34 a new chanel?

    27. Oreo Ku

      this channel has just passed 10 mil

    28. Wallace Kentel

      Matpat:subscribe to see mind blowing theories that will impress your friends me:I have no friends

    29. Mechagodzilla630

      Big lizard won against the big monkey ha take that

    30. Jessi Nessi

      how much toothpaste would king kong need to brush his teeth

    31. Godzilla2018

      He somewhat got it I kinda wish we could have a scene wher Mecha g is in fake skin in a city then real Godzilla shows up and then Mecha g reveals himself just like his first appearance

    32. Rachel Vieira

      Kong was a baby or lease a kid when did war happened and all the monsters of school islands are awake the others are sleeping because because they are sleeping

    33. Rachel Vieira

      Com girls a baby o Luís aquele ué doou Rappin Hood Probably riscar antes existente ou Monster’s os Slipping em nota demonstrar só ficou olhando os demônios osculando olá as

    34. pokemon gamer 5

      Failed it was the opposite way

    35. baran Gunes

      Godzilla will win that’s yust my opinion

    36. xBlue Legendx

      This theory is more better than the actually movie.

    37. Levi Simpson

      You are wrong Godzilla wins in that battle

    38. Levi Simpson

      Godzilla just one okay

      1. Levi Simpson

        GhxgZ RE ye

    39. Angel Chavez

      Fun fact: *kong* massed murdered skull crawlers on skull island not to respond to king ghidorah and Godzilla’s call

    40. thatonefatdude

      bro he knew that mechagodzilla would be in the movie and that there wouldn’t be a clear winner

    41. Ryan Leach

      I watched the movie your right nice

    42. RiverPlays

      MatPat they fought before because of a shady movie producer going to Japan to get ishiro Honda to agree to allow kong to fight Godzilla instead of Frankenstein which if you ask me would be way more epic because it probably would be stop motion which is better than a guy in a suit

    43. Andrew Robertson

      OK I get were u comin from but mecha wasn't really dressed up as GODZILLA cuz he wasn't ready yet

    44. Bilal Hamtaite

      Nobody wins they fight aganst mecha ive seen the movie already at a site

    45. Panface

      Well you are right!

    46. The Gentleman

      Or you could've just said he has claws atomic breath sharp teeth and a tail

    47. how2bedumb

      WAIT A SECOND you said kong wouldnt be able to eat enough doesnt monke eat monsters


      they have done it again, just watched it and kong lost but did not die but they did team up to fight that mechagodzilla

    49. h gamer

      👏👏👏👏👏 u where right

    50. Black_Blood

      Like ramayana right film theroy

    51. Angry Boi

      This video should be called "Film fact" because godzilla actually won. I'm glad since I was routing for godzilla. Except for the mechagodzilla part but still

    52. Michael Solwecki

      3:22: It’s called Atomic Breath!

    53. Raffi Armando


    54. outcast bagels


    55. Sickly Boa

      Ik you wont see this but in the movie when the mecha Godzilla breaks its king gidora dna or soul or it’s his power possessing mg because the robot destroys the city and maybe Godzilla knew that or felt kg power or soul idk that’s my theory

    56. BedLessHacks_

      I have a copy of godzilla vs kong in 2020 dec.30

    57. Enzo Luis Manlongat

      Godzilla and Kong : * fighting *. C

    58. The Whirl Channel

      It’s been 50 years Matt, in the 70s, Kong was 104ft, but now it’s been 50 years so he’s taller

    59. The decepticon logo

      I’m her to confirm something, it was a draw.

    60. benjamin

      He actually know that mechagodzilla Is gonna come in kong vs godzilla

    61. Kong

      2:50 thats movie took place long ago in 76. I was just a kid then.

    62. extremegamer 1456

      Mechagodzilla looses

    63. extremegamer 1456

      They both won

    64. RAPID TQNK 3

      Honestly the Monsterverse is an incredible Godzilla/Kong franchise and I really hope it continues plus the lore is amazing

    65. NoHornyGoodLife1

      Fun fact no one wins!

      1. Lilleadlender

        Nah godzilla won because he would have killed kong if the humans didn’t revive him

    66. Torill Rise


    67. Juan Jose lopez

      The somber plantation coincidingly mess up because motorboat pivotally correct by a unique witch. bad, minor cup

    68. Joe Wilenzik

      Makes this theory Movie: well yes, but actually no, but actually yes

    69. Ranveer Angrish


    70. Harry 99

      The novel disproves the start of the theory. Godzilla won the first war and hunted the Kong species making them flee to skull island where the skullcrawlers hunted them to extinction.

    71. Harry 99

      Just look at him. No way anyone thinks a gorilla beats him.

    72. Jordan

      Clearly the Mario Luigi games had the fist battles between giant being, also Jesus Christ this theory was almost perfect

    73. dinossaassmaster 69

      Almost everyone: Mechagodzilla is in the movie and is desguising himself as Godzilla! The movie: Well yes, but actually no.

    74. Derek Huo

      I watched Godzilla vs. Kong and it’s… a bit… bad


      False Godzilla legendary is not the largest Godzilla Godzilla Earth is the largest

    76. Dark Playz

      Simple definition: because most of these movies are based on Godzilla alone

    77. Albino pigeon

      so Godzilla 2019 is taller that the anime trilogy Godzilla. for the height information film theorist

    78. Alessandro Di Giusto Fermin

      And that Was the real Godzilla distroing buildings

    79. Alessandro Di Giusto Fermin

      Welp Godzilla won...

    80. Mr.McNerdo


    81. ALPHA

      Mecha godzilla:I’m bout to ruin dis man whole career

    82. Lord Zero Akuma

      But godzilla is king of the monster aka titans if you research all titans KONG is also one of them, so of course Godzilla wins

    83. AN Jaya

      Get rectttttttt nerddd godzila destroid Kong ist not a tie. The fite whas over befor it stardet Godzilla whas at 50% pawer and he destroid Kong.godzilas pawer is over 90000000000%

    84. Leeroy DeBusk

      Haha no Godzilla from Godzilla vs Kong no there both just normal monsters but there is robotgodzilla

    85. robbredmond

      (3:41) AMOGUS

    86. Emma robertson

      You have to do another FIblock theory on Rebecca zamolo pleeeeeeease

    87. Rafal Sinica

      godzilla wins

    88. Christian Romero

      On god everyone like Minecraft

    89. Zachary McLaren

      i was sad when the '74 theme didn't make the cut in gvk

    90. Bacon With Drip

      Actually the Godzilla in Godzilla vs Kong is 164,000 tons

    91. MsQuoteMaster

      7:36 I think it was supposed to be unconquerable. The unconquerable King Kong. (I have not watched the original so take that with a grain of salt)

    92. Lucy Henshaw

      This was so close to the movie

    93. chinthor

      Wow. So close yet so far. Even for the usual MattPat, this is rare form

    94. Gonzo the amazing teddy bear

      Who would win Giant lizard who shoots plasma Or big monkey

    95. stadia storm

      Awesome Theory and turned out to be pretty freaking right Only one little misconstrusion It's not ancient books of Genesis that talk about the Nephilim They are mentioned in the canonical Bible but the book that really brought them around was the book of Enoch which is considered part of the Christian mythos not saying Christian is a mythology because it's not I'm a very firm believer but the book of Enoch is considered a mythos because it doesn't fit into the canonical Bible perfectly and we don't know the actual author so we don't take it as the undisputable word of God

    96. Angel From 666

      The only thing that keeps me ticking is that Godzilla was faster than in KotM, I was expecting for Kong to outsmart and out maneuver Godzilla in round 3 but in Godzilla's body structure and weight would be a disadvantage but he went the same agility as Kong's

    97. Benjamin Grandt

      12:27 why did Godzilla lost?i mean you said none of them won and the Gman can swim under water. ringing any bells? Plus Kong needs water a lot sooner and Godzilla has Gills.

      1. Benjamin Grandt

        Oh, thanks. All I had to do was watch the full video

    98. Oscar Quijano

      When matpat said that the Godzilla that was hurting people he said it is mechagodzilla but it was Godzilla looking for his ancient enemy king kong because Godzilla has a power that senses when another titan is near

    99. Shyloh Kyser


    100. Myownviewpoint1

      The movie made it pretty clear that Godzilla would win in a 1 v1 fight.