Film Theory: Did Disney STEAL Finding Nemo?

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    Disney is infamous for keeping a tight hold on it's copyright, including taking it to extremes with things that TECHNICALLY fall under public domain in their original format. Well, that is not what happened with Finding Nemo. You see, the story of Finding Nemo is VERY similar to a not as well known children's story. One that is NOT in the public domain. Today, Theorists, we are going to dive deep and figure out if Disney actually STOLE the story of Finding Nemo!

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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Pedro Freitas, and Tyler Mascola
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. Jennifer McClain

      oh Disney killyou ?😕

    2. lily ann

      you don't have a pro mat

    3. Mely Jelato

      im french and everytime i heard matpat speaking french i laugh the worst part is that he wasnt that bad (i heard worst)

    4. TheZipperDragon

      Does Perro look like the its the Rattatoing (apologies, i forgot the animation company behind Rattatoing) version of finding nemo to anyone else? Like, to me, the model looks uncannily close to the shitty animation style.

    5. D W

      Man rider is awsome

    6. EazyBreezyWasNotLost

      This is like the Lion King and Kimba incident all over again

    7. Party Dave

      Should I mention that Disney is basically a successful rip-off of Flicher?

    8. Fluffly Boi

      I would've rooted for the little guy to win the case anyway if that wouldn't set a dangerous legal precedent

    9. tahwnikcufos

      I saw this on the Oreo article too... it's really hard not to hate Disney. Still have nightmares about those poor lemmings... lol

    10. Wyveria

      Mickey mouse is absolutely a universal power level demon creature

    11. David Ray

      I love your pic of Judge Judy with a fake mustache.

    12. Nathan

      Can you pleas do a theory on true and the rainbow kingdom if you’re Lucy or unlucky it maybe it would be more hard then fnaf 👾🔪👮‍♀️🐻🐤🐰 so pleas do this theory 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    13. Big Shrek e

      This comment was originally posted by:MissingNaAlt Theory Idea: How long would Sandy (from SpongeBob) last with the amount of food, oxygen, etc. that her acorn tree provides? Would the size of said tree be a factor? Basically, how long would it take for Sandy to die due to loss of oxygen?

    14. ???


    15. Thegpshow 2197

      Sometimes the best stories happen in reality and not fiction

    16. King of Gamers

      “It makes it unclear when Disney is dong something wrong vs when a lawsuit is just another shameless cash grab” Oh like the live action remakes

    17. Alina Raida

      Why not make theory about the pixar Luca movie like that gulia is a seamonster

    18. Reynaldo Leal

      Sorry Matt where's the French clownfish movie there is no just your sting just give up Odysseus put Sardar Innocent but the stories are different I watch the film don't make me cry from the ending

      1. Johan Qu

        it was never a film it was a book and Matpat said finding nemo did not copy it was the french dude who copied

    19. Reynaldo Leal

      Matpat what is your problem Nemo he had a lucky fin jerk

    20. Reynaldo Leal

      Also are you making fun of Luxo Jr matpat

    21. Reynaldo Leal

      MatPat you ruined my childhood from Finding Nemo jerk

    22. Ricky

      That intro is insanely creepy especially with the *theory* that disney was a mage and mickey was a demon friend he got the idea for mickey

    23. Minh Lê Võ Ánh

      Ya know..Mayyybbbeee.. Disney is knda evil.. BRUH

    24. Sreeman Surendran

      120000 likes and 1200 dislikes Nice

    25. theRealmichaelGaming

      Ur almost to 1b Subs

      1. Raymond Christopher Tanto

        @Excelsior_ 42 he's obviously a troll , stop wasting your life trying to explain to a troll 😅

      2. theRealmichaelGaming


      3. Excelsior_ 42

        @theRealmichaelGaming You're the one who brought it up, and why are you so mad?

      4. theRealmichaelGaming

        @Excelsior_ 42 NO ONE CARES

      5. theRealmichaelGaming

        @Excelsior_ 42 how about You shut up

    26. HENLO lol

      Matpat : Where he claimed.. *switches to ad* Ad : He is on a mission

    27. Snowy Midnite

      For once.... Disney didnt steal....Good job Disney, ur finally growing into an independent person...

    28. BetterThanAverage _


    29. T D

      Plz do a theory on the lamp. He scares me. I had nightmares about it. Literally

    30. Priest Town Graffiti

      DISNEY steal all their ideas then buy out n hoard everything!

    31. AZ AZ

      MatPat always says how much he hates siding with big companies but thats literally ALL HE DOES! Its to the point where i can predict who he will side with only judging by which side is the large company. Its like he's afraid of getting sued or something. 😂

    32. Moza G Smith

      He put his model through a Blender XD accidental 3D Modelling pun

    33. Naura The Watermelon

      Disney Lawyers Is Bloodsuckers Dude

    34. Animal Rescue

      Nice intro for it LOL I love it

    35. Itz_Just_Savvy

      You know this'll be great, as Mickey is laughing like a maniac. ✨

    36. Ruou Carroll-Ito

      Mickey emerges from the darkness

    37. Valentina Santana

      Is micky on crack

    38. Cassandra Collins

      hiiii just a few months late to subscribe although i subbed last month but hiiiiii

    39. Benjamin Micheal

      Mat pat what is the one piece i had to ask i saw water.

    40. Jhon Louie Lagos

      Nemo is latin to nobody so it's titled finding nobody

    41. WildPro 784

      it's so weird seeing matpat talking french 🤣

    42. Darla Day

      But how are you gonna use Lion King as an example when that was probably stolen

    43. Knuckles  Sonic

      I hate this video

    44. Knuckles  Sonic


    45. The corner

      Mickey Mouse before the article😌 Mickey after the article😈

    46. Amy Rechtshaffen

      ok so a distant relative of mine was a dentist and he claims to have created finding nemo and he pitched it to disney and they rejected it, and then when finding nemo came out he didn't even get any of the royalties or anything. i was totally expecting him to be mentioned in this video

    47. Rannar Tsepelin

      nemo in revers is omen

    48. Ronda Vannoy

      I hate Finding Nemo so I think the guy that lawsuit Disney is right

    49. Binkleyisseven

      Fun fact: Nemo in Latin means nothing so it’s actually called: finding nothing

    50. tastetheworld

      Thank god you said poison as a joke I was getting so mad.

    51. Flareto

      Expectations: finding Nemo Reality : Pierrot le Poisson clown

    52. siemoe

      I like the jokes

    53. Rane Stephanie

      NOT TRUE MICKEY MOUSE!!!!!!!!!! Mickey is amazing 🤩 not MeAn 🤪 no 🤨 I love mickey mouse 🥰 NOW YOU HATE MICKEY WHAT!!!!!

    54. Cheesy Toenails

      Fr*nce 🤮

      1. Raymond Christopher Tanto

        just because one guy stole the idea for a quick buck doesn't make the whole country bad

    55. GryffindorKC

      This is amazing! Honestly one of THE best film theories. So well done!

    56. madrexer the boredTM

      Actually i still feel bad for "the little guy" because he was already on loss and had to pay lots more after and even though Disney's right they could have given him a few bucks to atleast recover his losses

    57. Elsa Llama Love

      I asked that two months ago haha

    58. Kyara De Smet

      I think Elsallamalove predicted the future...🤧 she asked about a minion video and suddenly, there came a vid about it xd

    59. jkem4545

      You are the best

    60. Jackie Fondren

      Don't threaten the mouse it knows all and it doesn't like you talking you better watch your back the mouse could be anywhere..

    61. FNAF Planet

      I got a film theory video! There is a new, free, movie place known as Tubi! And it has lots of movies. I was wondering if that's kinda illegal to take movies and let millions of people watch it for free.

    62. Attorney Alecs

      Lawyer here. Copyright law rests heavily on the discretion of the presiding judge. Just take a look at the case of "Lee" and "Stylistic Lee"... they look EXACTLY THE SAME to a normal person, but the court still ruled that nobody copied from the other 🤣

    63. NTV Online

      Rumor has it that a certain production company heard the pitch for Babylon 5 from JMS and rejected it. A week later, they announced a new show called Deep Space 9. Any theories on that?

    64. devilsANG3L123

      so how's your mental health MatPat?

    65. devilsANG3L123

      so how's your mental health MatPat?

    66. 민

      I swear i gotta know whos doing the mickey voice over its SO gooddddd😂😂 if its matpat himself i-

    67. CottonCandy3335

      I just think I’d be funny for everyone to just “claim” Micky and use him on the day he expires, just sayin.

    68. NotDoom Guy

      Whats that noise after the poison clown joke?

    69. Monjiro

      Mulan is based on mulan

    70. not cats

      Does explain why they would go out of their way to trade nickles on the dime to make 2,000 books- if your waiting for a much larger pay day

    71. theGameWeveAllPlayed

      So, you want proof that Disney copied good ol’ Poisson huh? Well boy do I have some for you. So you Said that the creator of the book reached out to some animators right? And that movie was animated right? AND the time was 2003 right? You can go on...

    72. John Balciunas

      Idk why this just come to me now but the 4th channel should be CONSPIRACY THEORY!!!! PLEASE MAT PAT PLEASE!!!... also I'm sure thousands of people have said this also but please please please let that happen.

    73. Levent Dagtas

      please do a One piece theory I would really like that.

    74. Jyoti Khanna

      3:39 poison clowns

    75. Sumayyah Khan

      OBJECTION! The author pitched the idea to film companies in 1995, and Disney started the process of Finding Nemo in 1997. Disney could've heard of the idea, and changed it enough so that no one could throw accusations at Disney, and if so, Disney could point out all the differences and win the lawsuit.

    76. simgufu tocente

      The untidy delivery classically care because chocolate incidentally confess across a motionless jaw. nonchalant, general gentle select

    77. Will Welch

      What are the odds they used a clown fish out of every fish in the ocean

    78. Double AA's

      Still feel sorry for the guy, he worked hsrd and tried his best. -to nice of a person.

      1. Doritos

        Did you see the cover?

    79. Mr-loop-goggle

      netflix also with toys that made us

    80. Smilegirl64

      14:04 "One also looked like you put his model through a blender..." through a blender? I feel like you missed the opportunity to make a joke about the 3D modeling software.

    81. FerventMeow

      one of them not being in the right doesn't automatically make the other in the right 🙄

    82. Carlos Muñoz


    83. Kylen Fisk


    84. ClonaClox9999 / Celery

      I like how Mickey Mouse showed up and not Woody. I really am the only one who realizes that Pixar is its own identity.

    85. Lee Heinrich

      You do have a joking 🍻🍾

    86. ITS J.F.E

      I'm going to sue Disney for breaking my childhood heart.. And I'm going to use Film Theory as my evidence

    87. MUSTAFA XD

      that twist in the end just blow all my brain cells at once ....only one survived but it is in the hospitale

    88. UwU

      3:38 oh god poison clown

    89. Cooking Parker

      The womanly hat consistently spoil because feast startlingly kneel amidst a lopsided hood. warlike, tightfisted sunflower

    90. Death Waffles

      Is it wierd that all the Mickey mouses on this show are phyco paths?

    91. vance hooper

      This intro is nightmare fuel

    92. Matthew Villegas

      monsters ink was made 2 years before nemo and a year before the book but in monsters ink the is a nemo witch means they already thought of it.

    93. Georgia Mendez

      The curvy tiger unfortunately visit because reading dimensionally call on a jaded reading. nifty, dear grease

    94. rubcuju rameflab

      The measly pasta finallly enter because spring postsurgically pop on a hospitable shorts. abhorrent, observant cowbell

    95. fire venom

      Nemo = no man why why does nemo = to no man why???

    96. Ronin Moshe

      Mickey officially gives me nightmares

    97. Astrxwrld

      Mickey voice is on point

    98. ok ko

      Bubble boy Released: 08-24-2001 Touchstone pictures Love this goofy movie please make a FILM THEORY. Maybe about the cults prophecy


      Technically, calvez copied Disney’s idea of ‘protagonist loses a parent to find the other parent’

    100. Raina Adil

      13:15 I cant be the only one who thinks that animated man looks like Lee Jong Suk.