Film Theory: How To SURVIVE Saw!

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    Do you think you could SURVIVE a Saw movie? It seems like a logical question to have after witnessing the horror Jigsaw brings to people who are, arguably, just like us. Well Theorists, your buddy MatPat is here to help you do just that. This is not your average "how to beat every trap in Saw" kind of video. I am going to teach you the TRUE way to not die in a Saw movie. That's a good deed worthy of keeping me off Jigsaw's radar, right? Right?!

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    Writer: Matthew Patrick and Mark Hofmeyer
    Editor: AbsolutePixel and Tyler Mascola
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. N0V417 G


    2. Otaku_GameFan

      I see. I never watched any of the movies. I don't think I'd ever want to. 😰 Once again, you're using cheap Animations as usual.

    3. KalispellYT {KalicoKatYT}

      The pendulum trap was setup by the PHONY Jigsaw....

    4. imbicthboi

      one lady got burned alive bc her husband lied, and she found out like 3 seconds before being cooked

    5. bincx

      Dear Matpat, I hope this finds you in good health How come Barry Allen wears a special suit so his clothes don't fly off but when he carries someone to safety their clothes are perfectly fine

    6. sayu

      listen the most unrealistic part of saw is the players having a will to live that powerful

    7. Eli argumedo

      Saw is like the TVA

    8. Ty Gandy

      Tbh Captain America could probably just hold the reverse bear trap open with his super strength and take it off or destroy it.

    9. Nicholas Philip

      The funny thing is , if you watch Mad Max 1, the entire idea for saw is in the ending scene when max hand cuff a criminal to a burn car, leaves him a saw and tells him " you got 10 mins till the car blows, you can try to cut the chain but it wont work...." thus the criminal only option was to either cut off his foot meaning he would die regardless of the option...

    10. joshua's fried chicken

      im agiragfefe

      1. joshua's fried chicken


      2. joshua's fried chicken

        i agrege

    11. Elliot

      God now that I think about it, this jigsaw guy is horribly corrupt

    12. Trusic

      me: *watching this video* jigsaw: No no

    13. Malevolent Snow

      Wait one of the victims was chosen because they were suicidal? Man that’s not horror, that’s just sad. What terrible way to bring depression and suicide to the public eye.

    14. R Hartman

      To be fair if you're in the environment and suspense and quick death, logic goes out the window and if you had logic it'd be easier to escape.

    15. Ben Hazelden

      Where'd the into music go?

    16. Jahangir Butt

      this video was pointless from the beginging because he would NEVER use the same trap twice

    17. Sky Con

      Like or hate the Saw franchise, a lot of the mechanisms used as traps ACTUALLY functioned. Also, the first time a character dies on camera being crushed between two walls. Also, the first Saw is an actual masterpiece. No one can change my mind

    18. IHaveNoBrain

      4:23 It just gave me Gordon Ramsey vibes

    19. Allayna Crudele

      Is saw/jigsaw real??? #iman8yroldwhogotscared

    20. Obsidian Reborn

      5:34 well, looks like mostly everyone will die for being in a 1.5 year lock down (depressed)

    21. BlooHoots

      Number VIII Dont make a video about surviving saw

    22. Landon Smith

      Is Kevin from home alone the kid version of the jigsaw killer

    23. Bacon Boiz

      Jigsaw just wants to play a board game or a video game with you

    24. AFL Dudes 11

      Congratulations on 10millon sub

    25. The Best Kuroo Tetsuro

      i would talk to saw and have a full on therapy session with him. like i never seen the series cause i'm a wimp, but i loooove talking. and i'm going to study therapy, either way

    26. Pls Kill me

      Saw would put me in a trap because of the fidget spinner I shoplifted 3 years ago

    27. CardDex

      Ok who else got jump-scared by Shrek at 1:19

    28. 『ozone005』

      Just don't get jigsaws attention

    29. KidMonkeyKing

      I just realized your character’s image in this episode was wearing Absolute Pixel mercy. Nice 👍

    30. Shadow Playz

      Purple guy “Dang this guy is good!”

    31. Blade_s0567

      People who saw saw Ryan George reference?😂😂

    32. Serillane Jade

      What if we do the same to him, IF HE APPRICIATE LIFE THEN *PROVE IT* he needs a lot lessons

    33. Kasaen

      Day 2 of asking for a 21 Pilots Film Theory episode

    34. BlastingLake 174

      You should just take normal pills

    35. common pigeon

      Also, I like the sea of thieves-red dead hoodie

    36. Chloe and Leah

      done ive been subbed sir UwU

    37. Katsumi_Editz

      Anyone: **breathes** Jigsaw and his pig mask cult: *Allow us to introduce ourselves*

    38. Hacked

      The one way I would survive saw is by not being a jerk

    39. PJ Salvador

      12:26 Speedrunning Saw with a Flat screen tv.

    40. lil x

      Better idea move far from america

    41. Brady kids😇😇😇

      Well ima die cause I’m in a tattletale group at school😰😱

    42. computer. exe

      Is that a Sea of thieves shirt I see on survivy patty?

    43. Johnny Nieto

      Stay alseep 😂



    45. OchiDO

      7:03 when he said do it got cut out and an ad was played jigsaw was probably like no you don’t get to live

    46. OchiDO

      I love spiral but I hate the ending

    47. Ether

      Too many saws

    48. Rakoon

      I saw a saw saw sawing sauce.

    49. Rakoon

      You know I "saw" that coming

    50. Erica

      Just subbed to Shudder to check out Creepshow. First episode: STARRING TOBIN BELL And Gus Fring from Breaking Bad - this is great!

    51. Bomber boy

      Easy Be the cameraman

    52. D. Campbell

      tell me that matpat did not just call Jodie Whittaker a bad doctor

    53. VirtuoSOS

      Can you become jigsaws aprentice to not be selected?

    54. Man Adam7

      I saw saw and got traumatized by the saw because it was sawing

    55. Kasaen

      Day 1 of asking for a 21 Pilots Film Theory episode

    56. Ceverex

      Sea of thieves shirt?

      1. Ceverex

        I love sea of thieves

    57. HAPPY566


    58. Drei Drei

      Jesus Loves all of you guys

    59. Toy chica CZ


    60. Toy chica CZ


    61. Toy chica CZ

      i have own tactics but this is cool too ! :D

    62. Toy chica CZ

      i love this horor !!!!!!! i love horor movies !!!

    63. RappidMav !!!

      Mat pat could u make a video on how evil Bart Simpson really is

    64. Mary Crockett

      My grandpas/grandmas last name is Kramer..

    65. VV 1van40

      5:32 Emely be like: Aw come on now

    66. Wiggle Master

      Nah, ill just wait impatiently for the trap to set off

    67. Yogurt night

      I clicked on the scary hashtag and I was not disappointed

    68. radhika varikuti

      Mat pat :how do you avoid death,well Random ad: program beyond exceptional Me:......................well I'm screwed 🙃

    69. Pierre Fischbach

      ... wow i hit the subscribe button and now i am unsubscribed ... what should i do now!?

    70. sam plays


    71. VHS Crêpes

      Yo hold up I just caught that doctor who joke... you right, matt smith was the best, everyone after him sucked

    72. invincible cathoard

      it's amazing how people who want to die but don't want to die in a scary situation

    73. invincible cathoard

      how did the dude that was locked away cheat the entire point of his games was for them to survive so why did the dude get punished for being so grateful to live that he found another way to survive. i only heard the cheat thing from somebody else so he was punished.

      1. invincible cathoard

        in the first film i think

    74. Stormtrooper

      Anyone going to point out that he is wearing a sea of thieves hoodie at 3:24

    75. Elaine Medeiros

      The fact that film theory is currently at 9.99 million subs hurts my perfectionist self

    76. Nina Zenik

      Mat pat being a heathers fan is the crossover I didn’t know I needed

    77. Kent Yeow

      How to survive saw traps… Don’t get picked in the first place… How to not get picked in the first place… Just don’t live in America, at least statistically

    78. Green Screen man

      Cinema Summary : m y j o b.

    79. Three Dicks On A Bench 3

      “HACK the game in advance.” Hehehehe *hack*

    80. Jeff the killer dun dun dun

      He need to do the new conjuring

    81. micro wave


    82. Lydia Mense

      12:50 *Generous Donors*

    83. Lloyd Mozzarella

      Why would make a 15 and a half minute video just to show us how to survive a non existent character's diabolical traps? Unless of course...

    84. Andrew Ace

      Person: *Exists** Saw: _"So, you've chosen death..."_

    85. Kirana Sastradi

      I haven’t even watched the movie

    86. Hit Musical

      You know I wouldn't be surprised if there was a secret dark storyline hidden across videos from all matpat's channels

    87. salve2009 ciao

      Italiani mette like al commento

    88. Dr. Theory

      Is this child friendly ?

    89. DylanGameing211

      Hey MatPat welcome at surviving survive the night season 3 and making it to season 4!

    90. Bacon Tatum

      There is one big way to avoid being selected, don’t live in jersey

    91. Hi


    92. Suhani Oraon

      Imagine Deadpool in saw 😂

    93. foxy gaming

      Lobber lava fucin punz

    94. Francisco Gonçalves

      Imagine a Saw movie, where every serial killer is there. Who do you think would win the games?

    95. Hoàng Linh

      The omniscient viscose splenomegaly unite because accountant unknowingly improve throughout a cooing pants. pumped, righteous potato

    96. baseballplayer555

      Why are the saw rotten tomatoes that bad? They are good movies

    97. Romina Vecchi

      “How to survive saw” Just live in a different country

    98. Pongo Peter

      I think that you should do a Film Theory about the death of the late singer Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes of TLC.

    99. Just a Zombie

      Maybe that’s what happed to Mrs. Afton