Film Theory: We're Watching Evil Morty's Origin Story! (Rick and Morty Season 5)

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    This season of Rick and Morty feels different... and I'm not the only one to think so! Many fans of the series have pointed out how this felt like a return to season on Rick and Morty, dropping the more overarching story feel of the past few seasons. I think that was done for a REASON! A reason that I think is based on something fans have been asking to see for a long time - Evil Morty's origin story! Theorists, get ready for a wild timey-wimey ride!

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    Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editor: Pedro Freitas, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and Tyler Mascola
    Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (viridianrosette)
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. MiataCatashi

      You can see Rick and Morty's graves in the background of the Planetina episode when she flies away after the breakup.

    2. Milkshake Draws

      I just remembered,where this movie from when I was a kid, Matpat should make a theory on Journey to the mysterious island part one and two. Seriously, there’s a decent bit to work with.

    3. Brody Humphrey

      So then why can we see Rick and mortys graves in the yard from season one?

    4. Gigi

      But in the episode they referenced sneaking in to get some mermaid puss 😂😂


      İ thought it was that baby of that soldier of the galactic fedaration. İ’ll give you all the details a remember. First there’s this alien whose species is the soldier alien of the galactic fedaration but not of the species that interviewed rick and he gets a job and a wife then they have baby that screams and that appears to be the noise it makes when it’s happy but the alien struggles at work then is forced to serve in the military against his wife’s wishes then gets killed by morty wich shoots him while rick is fixing there ship. At first he doesn’t want to do it but after rick screams at him to do it and he also says that they don’t have famallies. The alien dies the wife hears the news and grieves him and is super sad and when the baby finds out that his thats dead he stops screaming. And thats the end of the video and all the motovations are there. Sorry for the grammar it’s 10:58 in my country.

    6. oh no

      This video just feels like a huge spoiler...

    7. Jaden Sanchez

      I've come to say episode 7 poke just one hole in this theory

    8. gekkokkid

      yeah i was also wondering why Rick and Morty where not acting like their usual selfs.... i mean i just thought of it like "it's rick and morty it doesn't need to make sense" but something was so off it just didn't felt like the series i love.. but this theory does make a lot of sense though... i guess we will see by the end.

    9. Joshua Stansberry

      Episode 7 got leaked and their called c-137

    10. Hirari Ikeda

      SPOILER ALERT its sad that in the 7th leaked episode one of the ricks addressed him as rick c137 because i was actually REALLY excited for this to become true

    11. Andrew Merswolke

      I'm not saying the writers can't be doin smthn clever... But Bart Simpson has been 10 years old for about 30+ years now despite several Christmases

    12. er ff

      Go to the law of the Spider-Man new animated series franchise I know I won't get this please I love the channels always watch the episode but I still like it I'm a proud of their wrist on my own and also get the lure out of Spider-Man the new animated series out of 13 episode

    13. Blizzard Blast101

      Please, let this be cannon.

    14. Stefano

      plot twist: it was actually rookie mistakes and they'll make it evil Morty's timeline just to hide that

    15. Varad Akolkar

      I also felt weird seeing Rick so vulnerable and weak and sad in S5 This just can't be Rick C-137. Also, I reallyyyyyy want Evil Morty back... with 'For The Damaged Coda' playing in the background.

    16. SockmonkeyGirl

      Rick and Morty season 5 ep 7 got leaked and it confirms that we are watching the c-137 versions of Rick and Morty.

    17. ceydusta

      In season 5 episode 7, Rick is referred to as Rick C-137 :)

    18. usernameorsomething

      This is a theory that i can get behind. I think this would be the best thing for the show to do. Maybe a fight between the normal and evil morty and rick at the end of the entire show. I hope the end doesnt get there untill at least season 200000 🙃😂

    19. SMH Cameron

      Rick and morty is supposed to be a cartoon were the characters never age that's what the creator said anyway

    20. SneakyWarski

      Cant bee in epesode 1 season 5 we see a picture of snowball

    21. Cameron James

      Season 5 has been fucking hilarious imo; but you’re right, something’s weird.

    22. Seth Cunningham

      I like the idea of this theory, however I don't think some of the evidence made sense, like morty aging since the crew or Justin or Dan (can't recall specifically who) said they think it's fun not to have birthdays or have the characters age when being asked about how old Rick is. Again, I love the idea of this theory but some of it doesn't make perfect sense.

    23. arash g

      wait couls rick have chaned his morty ...but no the mortiest morty is too valieable he couldnt do that or could he ( :o

    24. arash g

      EPISODE 7 SPOILER ALERT a rick call our rick c_137 and this rick have the back story of other s5 episodes and morty behave same this morty is c_137

    25. Izak Dobbs

      Morty's relationship with planetina did end up showing maturity, when he left her because she murdered people. I don't think s1 morty would do that. I might be biased because that episode is one of my favourites, it's really really good

    26. Declan Bowe

      I love these videos so much I can't wait to see evil morty return, excited to see the next theory!!! Please do more marvel therois aswell I love them so much

    27. aszhole

      but space beth apeared

    28. Eno4inoko

      The most unsettling part of this season is that opening credit where Morty scores a goal in Golf and it all seem normal

    29. Nazmul Hossain

      All the drama happens in teenage years, that's why morty and summer are stuck in teenage.

    30. Da big Man

      What about the episode with the space car going crazy the car remembers keep summer safe so it wouldn’t make sense I thing that some episodes are just for a laugh and some is evil morty’s origin

    31. David Sault

      Maybe the story line became so complex that they couldn't keep track of it anymore and are creating a reason not to worry so much about being consistent show to show and season to season.

    32. the original beta male

      But why would space beth be in season 5 if it's a prequel in another dimension?

    33. Just Clark

      You have some fantastic ideas. I completely agree that something seemed off with how they were acting.

      1. Just Clark

        @FerretZinca not him the show said that.

      2. FerretZinca

        @Just Clark Its not a high iq show, its just a show.

      3. Just Clark

        @FerretZinca Ah I see. Well it is a very hard show to analyze. As he said, it takes a hi iq to watch after all.

      4. FerretZinca

        @Just Clark Yeah I stopped watching matpat because honestly, out of all his theories... how many of them come true? He usually always gets proven wrong like, a week after too which I find hilarious all the time.

      5. Just Clark

        @FerretZinca I didn't know that. Thanks for telling me

    34. DoctorButtClutch

      the planetina episode was perfect. he says morty was immature? its an adult cartoon of a 14 year old boy in his first reciprocal relationship! he handled the part with his mom about as well as i did. and he broke up with her ignoring his base instinct because planetina was crazy and evil at that point. thats way more mature than i would have been, most of us would have stuck around for the puss. (btw the whole planetina episode perfectly encapsulated how i feel as someone who grew up watching those shows, cares about the environment. then the whole "green" movement went totally planetina, but i digress)

    35. Siamese Monkey

      Has Rick used his portal gun in season 5 yet??!! I haven't noticed him use it yet. Which is kinda off to me, especially since he basically relies on that thing.

      1. FerretZinca

        he does.

    36. Tanner Larue

      Technically c-137 is in a different reality than c-132 due to “Mortys mind blowers” as rick says they have to move to a new reality due to morty messing with squirrels, the one reality that makes morty into evil morty

    37. yo75z

      ok so regarding the fact he s 14 the creators published an article about it saying that the characters don t age, they may have 100 christmases but no matter what the characters will always have the same age

      1. cuishanwu5

        underated comment

    38. King Jay

      But in S5 E2, Rick called himself Rickiest Rick

    39. Fred

      What if the Morty C137 Morty buried & replaced wasn't dead & he becomes Evil Morty?

    40. Puru Agni

      The writers think it's fun in a way, to keep the character ages same throughout. That's not the thing here.

    41. Muvenom

      I sorry to break to you mattpat but its not another timeline. On episode 7 of season 5 rick says that his the rick c 137. (Also summer says on season 4 episode 1 that morty is a 3th grade boy)

    42. ralf dsouza

      Convert your Morty to the dark side now!!!

    43. chris swanson

      wait what about space beth


      hey theorist matpat! can you predict what one piece is in the one-piece anime🤣🤣

      1. HANIRVESH

        Let him give a try 😂

      2. CBI : Comment Bureau of Internet

        That's end of story

    45. Rodrigo LaLeyenda

      Did we forget about the gal who was a planet?

    46. Amber Rastogi

      my brain the entire episode "intense For the damaged coda plays"

    47. G W D

      When we looked through Rick’s memories we see a baby Morty, that scene confirms this theory… that baby was evil Morty, and evil Morty confirms by saying to Rick “i haven’t had a full week of school in years”… meaning Rick has been taking Morty on adventures before highschool

    48. Trippie Fan Page

      5-7 episode confirms it’s c-137 Rick and morty sadly🗿

      1. CBI : Comment Bureau of Internet



      It’s like you’ve been ignoring the actual point of show, change, and family

    50. Omega Mouse

      I have a theory - they sold out to social justice warrior agenda.

      1. CBI : Comment Bureau of Internet

        Always have been!

    51. Hugo Guzman

      STOP COPING, the season is just bad and quality has taken a nose-dive. It happens.

    52. Comrade Kali

      They do say in S5E1 that they slew mermaids...

    53. Diogo V. Kersting

      I agree there's a good chance this rick and morty is not C137 Rick and Morty. That would actually explain a lot. Both Rick and Morty feel "different" since the beginning of season 5. Now this morty is going to become "Evil Morty"... I'm not sure about that. Feels like Evil Morty has been mostly used as "misdirection" so far.

      1. CBI : Comment Bureau of Internet

        In episode7 season 5 He is called C137 Rick

    54. João Bertoncini

      The thing that blows everything are the graves at the backyard. There is only ONE universe where they exist.

    55. Abnermal Content

      the problem about the Planetina episode playing into this is that if you look closely in the background when Planetina is flying off, you CAN see the spots where C-137 Rick and Morty buried their C-132 selves, meaning this is still the same reality and the same Morty as always...

    56. Melvin van cleave

      imagine the "epic cannon" was jus background on ricks car

    57. Jonathan Wilson

      People don't age in cartoons. Bart Simpson should be over 40 years old

    58. 3pizza43

      too bad in episode 7 that got leaked rick is referred too as c137 by another rick.

    59. Arthur Vergolino

      are they really living in c-132? we do know after the squirel incident that rick transported himself and morty to another dimention afterwards... nice theory btw.

    60. Vanderbilt Alex Singleton

      Decoys, this theory was made by decoys!

    61. Tanner Warren

      In one episode it shows the graves in the background of the C-132 Rick and morty they buried, so wouldn’t that make it still C-137 we are watching?

    62. Yggdrasil

      At this point this channel is glorified fan fiction

    63. Michael Frey

      I'm wondering if you missed a reference when Morty's sister destroys the comet in order to destroy Rick's relationship; he says "Don't worry I would have done the same for you."... he did do the same for her, destroying the relationship between her and the "road warrior" in Rickmancing the Stone.

    64. Montez Mingo

      I know they don't really deal in time travel, but when Rick and Morty change universes do they automatically go into a different universe at the exact same time that they left the last one? If not, is it possible that they're showing different versions of Rick and Morty at different times in they're lives?

    65. Sean Owens

      This is obviously the origin story of lizard Morty and nobody can change my mind


      Idk I think the creators wanna go a more episode to episode approach. Simpsons, family guy, etc characters don’t age even with countless Xmas episodes

    67. Harsh Pant

      But what about the crack outside the garage. That happened to our original Rick and Morty.

    68. Steel Kragon Productions

      Hello There

    69. Lord Zords

      When Rick first said theres infinite timelines i assumed we could be potentially be watching diff versions of the characters each episode whats the point saying it if its never going to be explored? and besides Jerry has been switched at the daycare when they went to chitz and blips and that did not matter so why would it matter which Rick & Morty we see if we enjoy the show? to be critical of changes ect says more about us than it does about them.

    70. Synthetic Neon

      Can we also call out c-137 isn’t ever mentioned in season 5?

      1. CBI : Comment Bureau of Internet

        He is called c137 Rick In episode 7

    71. ArgumentativeAtheist

      Honestly I like watching theories about Rick and Morty more than I enjoy watching the show. I tried watching it, I did. But honestly it's just boring.

    72. Mimi M.

      Why why why the homestuck background

    73. egg egg

      This Theory can't be correct because in the first episode you hear jerry bring up that rick got it on with a planet

    74. H I

      Sorry m8 but the theory falls apart if you give it any thought

    75. Horny Toads

      Film Theory: We're Watching Evil Morty's Origin Story!... ummm NO we arent! stop speculating that much

    76. Christopher Mondy

      Im taking this one step further by saying that seasons 4 and 5 will be about evil morty because of how in season 2 Rick says that he will "go home and take a big huge morty"(refering to poop as morty) but in season 4 he is shown flying out to another planet to poop different from his more casual season 2 approach to expelling waste

    77. Yaboihere

      Overedited, overthought, easily debunked.

    78. Joker

      At 8:38 that's a mistake remember that Morty FKed with squirrels and they had to move... AGAIN

    79. dancinwithdazai

      That would be SUCH a sick concept! And it all makes so much sense!

      1. CBI : Comment Bureau of Internet

        @dancinwithdazai He is called c137 Rick In episode 7

      2. dancinwithdazai

        But there are a few holes in this theory, like Beth & Jerry’s relationship. If they’re actively trying to fix it, it wouldn’t line up with the timeline you mentioned, because it was different during season 1.

    80. JebquinnRL

      at 5:40 where you addressed the fact that Rick and Morty had an offscreen adventure in Atlantis, they address that in the episode where Rick addresses it to which Mr. Nimbus replies "Oh I knew that was you." So they probably went without Mr. Nimbuses knowledge

    81. Kristofer Fox

      This Rick and Morty is the Mortiset Rick and the Rickest Morty

    82. Ben Khavasov

      This theory literally speedran getting officially debunked. It legit took about a day before the next episode came out and summer references “keep summer safe” which happened in a way earlier season. Sometimes I just kinda feel bad for the theorist team when stuff like this happens

    83. Skunk Jo

      This season isn't evil mortys origin story. You are all getting hyped over nothing and you're going to end up disappointing yourself. Don't put the writers on a pedestal, they're not outsmarting you, they don't have some grand scheme, they're not dropping crumbs for you to analyse. It's a good show, just let it be

    84. Zac Wallis

      But In the background you can still see the graves in the garden and the crack around the house from where it got teleported I’m season one indicating it’s the same morty

    85. AniEncyclopedia

      Whats wrong with FIblock, i watched this 5 days ago, when it was uploaded, and my notifications said it just came up now 🤦‍♂️

    86. Monke Rage

      wasnt there already a scene with the graves of the old Rick and morty which C137 rick and morty buried?

    87. jayden a

      somehow i watched the 7th episode

      1. CBI : Comment Bureau of Internet

        He is called c137 Rick In episode 7

    88. Lance Zuniga

      I was skeptical when I started this video, but now this makes the most sense of any theory I’ve heard about the show

    89. bilij pdan

      we're never going to show a birthday.' It's kind of fun to keep everyone in a cartoon the same age, as it is." So uh theory debunked?

    90. A Sipps

      They acknowledge the trip to Atlantis in the season premiere and space Beth is shown at the end of episode 2. I have a feeling the characters feeling off is due entirely to the new writers and not a plot twist.

    91. Pratham Satti

      In episode one of this season, jerry and Beth mentioned Wong. The first time they even go to Wong for therapy is in season 3. Maybe in this reality jerry and Beth end up going to Wong before. Idk lol

    92. C64 Striker

      MFW the new episode has 2 direct call backs to earlier seasons

      1. bilij pdan

        I’m rewatching Rick and Morty, and a handful of season 4 episodes keep saying Morty is 14. It appears that they haven’t aged from the beginning

    93. pkmasterjt

      When did "protect summer" happen

    94. Cory Dudley

      Rick revealed that it was them that got in that mermaid "puss" which nimbus says something like " I thought that was you"

    95. Christian Sebastian

      Well now it wont be much of a twist, huh.

    96. rickboy50000

      They jumped universe 2 time

    97. George Knox

      ok but hes a cartoon character

    98. Rinpoo

      Despite the references to c-137 past adventures, this could still be Evil Morty's origin story. Rick and Morty is clearly based on multiverse theory, which, if c-137 and Evil Morty have made the same choices/not diverged in any way up to this point and time. Then the same events would have transpired for both (Burying themselves the whole 9.) When different choices are made, the branch that forms that new trajectory occurs in another universe separate from c-137, so forth and so on. I would assume if this is indeed the Evil Morty origin. Then the split will occur during this season (or already has, but more of that in the last paragraph.) for Evil Morty, who will choose a different path or be faced with a different dilemma than c-137. A simple example of an event that could cause this, would be the minor detail of Beth's drinking. If this minor choice on alternate Beth causes her to lose her life, it will change Evil Morty's life as a result, whereas Beth with c-137 quit drinking, and thus, will not yield the same result. It is also possible all of c-137's and Evil Mory's choices aligned up until season 5 in its entirety, making the whole season the split that causes Evil Morty, whereas c-137 didn't experience s5 at all and went to Boob world instead. Wrap this all around the fact, that we could be looking at an event that transpired at the same time c-137 was doing something else. For example, maybe s5 for Evil Morty is actually the equivalent of s 1 or 2 for c-137. (Since Evil Morty doesn't have an Evil Morty, the split likely made their paths intersect.)