Film Theory: The BIG Mistake of Monsters Inc

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    By now, most of us know the end of Monsters Inc. The Monsters discover that the screams they've been using as a power source are not the most optimized way to do business. Which, you know, is good to find out given the terror they've been puting generations of kids through. Thanks to the adventures of Sully, Mike and Boo, they find out laughter works even BETTER than the sreams. What I want to know, Theorists, is WHY that is and, more importantly, did the Monsters actually make a big MISTAKE?

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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick and Pedro Freitas
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. the great lumberjack King

      Jax are basically cow troughs

    2. {PFG} Professor Frankly Gaming

      4:52 bet that was in first place, Doof: O COME ONNNNN

    3. Maher & Ibrahim's Avengers

      Who need solar energy when u can use scream/laugh energy to power your house

    4. Pieter Bos

      Making power from sound. Never heard of a microphone?

    5. CloudSky TV

      I'm proud of the Philippines. Why on earth they only won silver? LoL

    6. Corey Wirta

      Even peppa pig you get from word VPN

    7. Nathan Gaming

      I can't imagine monsters stepping on Legos. how painful would that be

    8. Nicholas *redacted*

      "A speaker but in reverse" Matt, that's called a microphone

    9. Maher T. Tucodan

      Monsters Inc watches this

    10. john madlipz

      10:33 I don't live in Egypt Me: I do

    11. Texas Union State

      Music theory would be cool

    12. Verihim The Red

      So what was the mistake?

    13. TheCraftinCreeper

      10:07 My cat comes when I do that

    14. ONG ZHI YONG Moe

      when luffy use gum gum gatling how many punches does he throw in a second

    15. wisequelea :p have a kid?! Like a child... A child-kid?!?! Imagin him/her being like What u do for a livin I make viral YT vids about crazy movie theories (Love ur vids :))

    16. Yogurt night

      I imagine that every time mat makes a good point he adds “but that’s just a theory!” If he becomes a lawyer then we’re all doomed

    17. Casey Simek

      me watching this knowing about the pixar theory

    18. Star Mint

      * Annoyed noises of playing jacks * ( I do love your vids I just decided to make that- )

    19. shellyvrose

      My brothers name is Nope 😈

      1. shellyvrose

        Name is not Nope.

    20. shellyvrose

      Like the intro.

    21. Zachari Sincennes

      Can we all agree that in Monsters Inc, Boo’s adorable?

    22. Koning _thomass

      @The Film Theorists Just putting this out here. Screaming of fear is although louder, it’s in shorter intervals. Also after a few screams you might be out of breath not being able to scream as loud or scream at all. Laughter is in this perspective in longer and is around the same frequency trough the whole laugh. Saying that laughter would be more useful and powerful.


      Stop being so scary

    24. Juan Perez

      No mat is wrong family is better power source

    25. Liam De La Portilla

      you used clbu penguin money bag but it makes sense cuz club penguin had monsters university takeover

      1. Liam De La Portilla


    26. edeldalton79

      Me : watching this and see the shining here's Johnny!!!@ My mom: walks into the room Me: oh no oh no oh nonononono

    27. justbadlol

      Wow they really made a show just for to confirm this.

    28. Yaseen

      10:29 Wait, I LIVE IN EGYPT (in Cairo btw)

    29. Ramram Orbina

      Yo dudes, how bout copying Godzilla's Roar thats to loud

    30. Muhammad Bagaz Putra Ragnar

      fun fact in indonesia disnye plus is only 9 dollars per year

    31. jpf5918


    32. jpf5918


    33. Matthew Serna

      i love matpat

    34. Hailey

      May pat can you please do a theory on the Disney princess tiana I do not see a. Lot of theory’s on that thank you!

    35. Adrielly Soares Maciel

      Omg so... my brain is as happy playing games as having adult fun time??? HOW DID THEY NEVER TEACHED THAT AT SCHOOL

    36. Severus

      7:57 Cho and Harry!


      My visayan brothers and sister s finally get the recognition they deserve

    38. Test subject-1092  A.Laroche

      And also laughing increase your life spend

    39. elizabeth lucas

      I already have all three of those movies on desk and Blu-ray so I don't need nordVPN

    40. Mayar Hussein

      I live in egypt and i have netflix and there ain't no monsters inc or toy story or disney whatsoever🧍🏻‍♂️

    41. ollieorange

      Matpat is teaching me more than science did in two full years

    42. Oxana marcu

      He does screaming when watching horror movies but not fnaf

    43. Leo Conto

      Monster University confirms that adult screams are a lot more powerful but adults are a lot more dangerous because they will try and fight back and they might have guns. The monsters don't want to do a job where they'll most likely die or get badly injured

    44. Fonzy TheFancyGamer

      0:04-0:29- And that's when I realized, MatPat would sound so well with a monster from monsters inc.😃

    45. Michael Daigle

      oh wow, dopamine, a chemical pretty much directly correlated with happiness, makes you laugh. Who'd have thunk it

    46. Lahly Bird

      There is such a thing as Joy of screaming, ever been on like really fun roller coaster rides where you scream because of the motion and because it's fun

    47. sir puggington

      I’m surprised you haven’t made a theory on the secret giraffe monster following the main characters

    48. Law Son

      I’ve avoided it for too long

    49. Mikoto Suoh

      What if the power source was the Friendship we made along the way?

    50. Endrian_Warrior

      The laughter won’t work on me if I wake up at night I’ll just fall back asleep or I’ll wheeze without making a sound with laughter

    51. Hanna Świerzbin

      I mean, the Pixar movies are pretty much centered around emotions being the source of everything, methaphisically. So as much as I love analyzing things scientifically, here you rather have the art that just puts imaginary, unexplained magic around emotions, and that's it.

    52. Christian Gecko

    53. Clara Myers

      Is your name matpat or austin

    54. Clara Myers

      How do you know that

    55. Diamond King

      Monster:i wish kids would just stick to minecraft me:ok i just do minecraft lego sets Me literly making a Minecraft lego set

    56. ShadowSneak Gaming

      These meme refrences.. (9:38)

    57. ShadowSneak Gaming

      These meme refrences.. (9:38)

    58. Mufasa

      Nord vpn is bad you have to pay 100$ per year

    59. zxrlorn

      I’ve rewatched that movie so many times lmao

    60. Tobias yee

      Imagine a monster thinking they can generate a lot of energy by going to a stand-up comedy show, but it just so happens that Amy Schumer is The only one performing that night…..

    61. Sarah Omar

      Im from Egypt and I didn't know that

    62. Andrew Watts

      Why is this Monster’s Inc. big mistake? Didn’t they already know this? Clickbait

    63. Minecrap Studios

      Me: Switches my location to Egypt using a VPN Disney: Wait, that’s illegal.

    64. John Prachar

      3:14 it runs on munkin, monster dunkin

    65. CrystalMaiden 77

      I'm shocked that the video didn't mention how hard it would be to consistently make someone laugh. Humor isn't reliable, it's really subjective.

    66. Becky Lemons

      Matpat:screaming its an estimate of 90db Me at 90+db:they tell me im a god

    67. Joseph Calabro

      scaring grownups is also shown to be more effective as shown in MU

    68. Shady_Senpai

      The intro to this episode was so well animated and gave me so much nostalgia

    69. David Smith

      I said 'silver?!?! ' a second before matpat. Yep that's kind of ridiculous

      1. Mr7Slug

        Microphones. Microphones. They should have been failed, given the F, not even silver.

    70. xXx_Emma_xXx

      feeling better is better feeling bad is worse

    71. Vacuon

      The "reverse" of a speaker sounds fancy when you say it like that, but it's called..... a microphone!!! And it's really trivial, basically the same as a speaker, definetly somthing a kid could make.

    72. The Scarlet Tunic

      So it would seem that screams are the non-renewable energy reasource of the monster world. And laughter is the renewable energy source. Do you think they had protests in the monster world to switch to renewable energy, like the human world.

    73. Ry Mir

      Woah. A Filipino Scientist

    74. egg soup

      i live in egypt so i guess i don't need it

    75. Salty Salmoling

      7:52 That line alone deserves a like on this video.

    76. Creator

      4:30 wow they discovered a microphone

      1. Mr7Slug

        Freakin cream of the crop for that school apparently. Silver medal for pretending microphones havent been around a hundred plus years

    77. ok ko

      Bubble boy Released: 08-24-2001 Touchstone pictures Love this goofy movie please make a FILM THEORY. Maybe about the cults prophecy

    78. Dylan Ray

      wait i can comment!

    79. Ahmad Zaki

      Put that empty battery on the teleporting door of a popular playground like Disneyland and they dont need to work at all.

    80. OmegaBold

      Theory: If the Monsters Inc. world travels back in time to the human world, is there a time dilation? The Abominable Snowman has appeared in lore over centuries ago- yet we see he was in the Monster Inc. world as a postman at the end of University.

    81. Exynth1a

      Now, I can put in my resume that my school was mentioned in a Film Theory video! nice. Also, the more concerning question we should be asking is how do they get enough energy to power all those portals?

    82. gojirassic

      Philippines pog

    83. JMasterGames

      Michael Reeves and his scream powered microwave: Pathetic

      1. Exynth1a

        you do know that it was scream activated, right? making sure


      Philipines in the vid

    85. Grumpy Wolfadile

      shouldn't this go like "The pursuit of happiness is a much better drive than fear of failure"?

    86. Fun Sized Whitty


    87. Jason G

      i mean silver medal kinda feels about right considering its just a large microphone

    88. terfare fopiqbum

      The berserk preface eventually hand because atm dimensionally arrange opposite a warm triangle. yielding, maddening difference

    89. moved channels lolz

      that intro was really funny-

    90. joel erulu

      The outrageous colony mathematically scare because iron chronologically fool amongst a optimal earthquake. curvy, mixed gore-tex

    91. Miles Devine

      BIG MISTAKE!?!?!?!?!

    92. sebastian

      Using a VPN won't work, Netflix catches that you are using it rendering the whole website inaccessible until it is turned off. Have you even tried running NordVPN on Netflix?

    93. Godwin Immanuel Zane Gabral

      Okay okay so wait a minute... Decibels is not like temperature, but it still moves atoms...right?

    94. Bizo132

      Are we gonna forget that Michael Reeves made a scream powered microwave.

    95. Swastik Bhoyar

      You dare underestimate the power of friendship

    96. nursekinz

      I’ve never watched monsters inc and i only watched toy story for the first time 2 weeks ago to maybe it’s time to invest

    97. Callum Law


    98. Elly_the_potato

      Then how was I able to watch wall-e in America

    99. Kyra Kiefer

      can you do a eb theory

    100. TPG candy

      You ever here a kid or teenager laugh? We laugh really loud to where it sounds like we’re screaming.