Film Theory: Dear DC, I Fixed Your Universe! (Justice League Snyder Cut)

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    1. Sadaat Furqan


    2. Universe

      The comment above me is amazing.

    3. Bugged-Out Mario

      But the justice league only get those visions of the future when they Revive Superman in the Snyder cut so that means that the Knightmare is still inevitable

    4. Bryson Tendwa

      Best one yet


      Man honestly speaking it appears Zack Snyder just league is justice league2 ( Because it appears to be a second attempt of steppenwolf before and after Aquaman)

    6. Jack Franklin

      Is it just me, or did Matpat use the same clip when comparing Mera's voice? I hear and see no difference lol

    7. Kerri Syiem

      Really hope Dc listened to mat😂🙏🏻 he knows what the people want

    8. Oscar El Migs

      This man just saved the DCEU

    9. Cristian Hum

      just waiting for the people of the future to tell us if matpad got it right.

    10. Arinx 8778

      please just make this happen dc pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

    11. Vincent Nicolas

      I wish there would another universe for the cw heroes like flash superman supergirl and stargirl to teamup with the dceu justice to take down 2 darkseids at one point that would be cool

    12. J C

      I'm confused

    13. FarmerProductions

      Major issues with this theory, if both are continuations then flash couldn’t change the joss version since that had a different backstory in steppenwolf leading the original failed invasion plus the different looks

    14. Aaron Binkley

      I love this. Also, I don't think The Flash gets enough credit for being literally the most powerful DC hero. Oh, you think Superman is more powerful? The Motherbox destroyed the world, it destroyed Superman, turned him to dust, and The Flash no sold it like Road Warrior Hawk against a local jobber.

    15. Martin Mendoza Cerutti

      Hey MatPad How about Aquaman is a Sequel for Zack snyder Justice League and Aquaman is preparing himself and his Army to the arrives from Darkseid

    16. Lucas Peters

      This is all cool until Wonder Woman 1984 came out and it sucked.

    17. Gercho-San Andrade

      I hate Leto's joker so much...

    18. Hadeer AbuBakr

      Wow. Really liked the last part. Hats off man 👏

    19. ChibiMiiTen

      Why is BvS not on BOTH timelines? The film is still necessary to create both JL films, right?

      1. Sangoku s

        Justice League 2017 match with BvS cinema's version Zack Snyder's Justice League match with BvS Ultimate Edition

    20. Ky-El

      1. In Josstice League in the flashback it is Steppenwolf while in Zack Snyder's Justice League it is Darkseid 2. Steppenwolf in Josstice League looks like a completely different person than Zack Snyder's Justice League

    21. Dylan Trujillo

      Cw 33 Flash would this

    22. Nicholas Salkowski

      All of this works except… Your premise that started all this is that Batman didn’t acknowledge that “Lois is the key” in Josstice League; but he did. Lois was his “big gun” after bringing Superman back. That was Whedon’s way of referencing Flash’s visit in BvS. Batman used Lois to stop Superman from rampaging and killing them all. I love this theory, but I think if you look at it from that perspective it shoots it down.

    23. Ez Dub

      Matpat: creates a entertaining and satisfying plan for the DCU DC directors: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN

    24. judeanwhoremonger

      we need affleck as batman and cavill as supes, at least one more supes movie.

    25. Garrison Whaley-Sharp

      I love this idea so much but why would Steppenwolf look different?

    26. Dnows Unknown

      This is amazing and Zack Snyder needed to finish what he started...

    27. Mahesh C V

      wait....even in the first time line josstice league, they are trying to bring back superman who is dead in BVS...which according to you is happening in second timeline..

    28. Amazingpig256

      Ok I think I might have a good timeline for all the people who mentioned shazam, suicide squad(1 and 2), and the arrowverse. Also any other movies. Josstice League Time Line- WW1, MoS, maybe an alternate BvS where flash doesn't show up from the past,(half way through; flash cameos in arrowverse) Suicide Squad 1, Justice League, Aquaman, Shazam After these events darkside appears, all of the knightmare events happen, superman kills justice league, then flashpoint happens Snyder Cut timeline- WW1, WW84, MoS, BvS, suicide squad, Snyder Cut, Birds of Prey, Shazam, Suicide Squad 2

      1. Amazingpig256

        Reason I put the cameo in the Josstice League timeline is because of this. Since Ezra Miller's Flash finds out that there are other versions of himself; he wants to find out more of what he can do with his powers. This explains how they would make the cosmic treadmill: because barry, due too his research on his powers, could use the concept of a theory he had about him being able to time travel. Also they would have made the cosmic treadmill before superman kills them all. While superman is killing his teammates Barry travels to the cosmic treadmill. He time travels too a different moment than he did in BvS; which starts flashpoint. After what ever events happen in that movie, barry travels to the part in the past where he did in BvS, which explains why he would ask himself if he had traveled to the wrong moment, because he had before.

    29. ChaoticTheGamer554

      DC is trying to copy Marvel but are making the movie and story worse than marvel itself

      1. RandomGuy

        Add to the fact that Darkseid himself is a multiversal level villain

    30. Joya Haymon

      I was afraid the flash movie would be EXACTLY the same as the show.. 😪 The show is amazing and I know the movie won’t come close, but at least change the storyline so we don’t compare the two things.

    31. Daffy Goose

      Imma say something very controversial, and I’m fully prepared to die on my hill from anyone who thinks other wise. The Snyder Cut was better Endgame

      1. brianchan8

        Well it is your opinion and while I disagree with it, it is still your opinion


        ok I will disagree with you just to see if you are really wanted to be dead just because someone has a different opinion than you

    32. John Luka Karbony

      so did flashpoint override justice league with jack snider or did the nightmare timetravle overide itself

    33. darksilverx25

      Wb should thnk mattpad for fixing their mess🤣 Now I imagine a wb exectucive saying "yeah!...what that guy said is true!"

    34. Kirby Penguin

      I have said it once and I will keep saying it. If you want good DC stories watch the animated movies, they are so good and give each character weight.

    35. Porter Finstad

      This is interesting but confusing. Matpat can you do a video on the entire DC timeline so far?

    36. Dogmanny Hedgehog

      I like the joss wedon cut, but I LOVE the zack Snyder cut better!

    37. Jeff Oliver

      omg this just made DCEU epic

    38. STUPID Lucas

      dc laughing at marvel for being better years later marvel laughing at dc for being better

    39. afzal hossain

      i thought that the flash's archenemy was mr.freeze

    40. Operation Awful Animation

      The MatPatverse

    41. Juan Jose lopez

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    42. Gen Paul Paglumotan

      I hope Snyder haters listen to this..... And they would understand

    43. lilboyabdi

      You’ve outdone yourself mr.mat pat

    44. Green Namek

      I don't even know anything about DC but I'm not surprised everything is ruined bc of batman's ego 🙄

    45. OddOneWolf

      they should make a flash movie or a flashpoint paradox live action movie

    46. Early Summerz

      I just want dc to be as good as marvel, have people who care about the characters write the story’s like marvel not people who just want some cash. The good dc movie in my opinion was dark night with ledger. Idk what dc is anymore.

      1. Sangoku s

        Snyder do his movies because he love this universe, but he don't use a way to make it good for everyone (make jokes in it, add cool music or things to make his movies look better). He does not do that for money, he wasn't paid to create his new cut of Justice League. He has his own style to make his movies and people like it or hate it. James Gunn is also a fan of this universe, that's why his Suicide Squad could be great.

    47. alhena11

      Well, no one cares about DC super-movies anymore. Marvel is just moping it up.

    48. Ali Alamer

      اللي جاي من فهد البتيري لايك 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    49. O Grito Verde

      16:14 - just a theory, a Justice Theory

    50. Ayee Adams

      Amazing!! Simply amazing!! I’m going to lose circulation in my fingers from crossing them so hard HOPING that THIS becomes a reality! 🤞🤞🤞🤞

    51. Czanea Ly

      whenever he says "canon" the word "lore" always comes up to my head, can anyone relate?

    52. A Dumpster

      if robert pattinson's batman is like joaquin phoenix's joker and isnt canon to the dc verse then this is actually a really good idea

      1. Vladimir Manosalvas IG: TheVladMan

        @A Dumpster There were theories and rumors that Leto’s Joker was actually Jason Todd aka Robin, and the letter ‘J’ tattooed on his face could’ve stood for Jason.

      2. A Dumpster

        @Vladimir Manosalvas IG: TheVladMan letos robin?

      3. Vladimir Manosalvas IG: TheVladMan

        They should’ve had The Batman be a prequel to Batman v Superman with Battinson playing a younger Batfleck, and they should’ve had Phoenix’s Joker torturing Leto’s Robin into becoming his successor.

    53. Dani Edits

      Anybody from the Warner bros studio watching this yeah us fans would love this

    54. Dani Edits

      Guys he got a point

    55. Dan b

      Ok.. You grew on me 😒🙃😁

    56. Ywd ThaKamp

      I hope this is true tht would b crazy

    57. Jaydev Rakesh

      Answer - injustice

    58. David Ardian Alim

      Well, I think that BvS should be existed in both reality considering they resurrected superman, the difference for that matter is, in the Josstice league continuity, flash didn't use his time travel to come back to Bruce and the story goes on. Then, after having that fun knightmare future, Barry came back to warn Bruce and then we have the Snyder's Justice League

    59. iLIKEnba

      I swear marvels timeline is better than dc

    60. Ozlo Strauch

      I have spent more hours at 3 am thinking about how the dceu could start being good... this video...stopped... SO MUCH suffering. Thank you i am ... finally free. (also you should be hired to direct the dceu i dont care you have the biggest brain. )

    61. Georgefilm


    62. Rip Catman

      Jesus Christ it was like the worst movie it just didn’t end

    63. Camera 1

      I get the theory, it makes perfect sense but the part about Barry Allen now being more in tune to reverse time in the Snyder cut bc he traveled back JossTice league doesn't make sense, unless he somehow became one and the same with memories....

    64. Cody Buckler

      mat mat mat this was great but you forgot to bring up another part of the timeline with evil superman, the injustice arc!

    65. Ar P

      WB and DC takes notes. MatPat just gave you the golden key to movie vision excellence. Run with it and make bank. 😁💵

    66. Julian Tesolin

      they're gonna blow it because WB are that incompetent

    67. cap click002

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    68. Shwip

      DC: i did that???

    69. Mystic2760

      _Batman creating the Cosmic Treadmill like;_ Batman: "Powered by your super speed, this will allow you to travel back in time to a certain point. Like.. a cosmic treadmill." Flash: "...we can- probably do better than that, right?" Batman: "Like what?" Flash: "The... Quantum... Tunnel?" Batman: "No." Flash: "Rainbow Bridge?" Batman: "No." Flash: "The Bifrost?" Batman: "That's not even a word.." I'm just sayin~ Real sneaky Marvel references here, they could do it~

      1. Martin Toledo

        Bifrost is literally just the name of a bridge though.

      2. Shadow Strike

        little too unsubtle. Maybe just the Bifrost would be, otherwise the meta would be overused.

    70. Colin Lo

      should have said "that's joss a theory"

    71. Sin of wrath -

      Michael Keaton could be Thomas Wayne because in the flashpoint comics Bruce Wayne dies and Martha Wayne becomes the Joker and his dad becomes Batman


      How many times have the Earth been ended by the Justice league in the Comic Books?

      1. NEVERSUB2ME

        @I love jesus Christ Ok, thanks for answering.

      2. I love jesus Christ

        Multiple times

    73. Muhibb Sarfaraz

      This is perfect

    74. 81giorikas

      It's a great film theory but when he yells in the end, I still think somebody should shove something in his mouth for him to stop lol.

    75. neko of west

      I still think Superman is the biggest problem in DC universe and always outshine other characters if he is good future is safe if he is evil future is doom everything is about sup's , the movie was never about justice league it's all about superman

    76. Theory Crafting Machine

      Steppenwolf mentions Darkseid

    77. Emotionalbabydragon

      I do not understand it, but i like it

    78. Superluigifan 77

      What about the Shazam movie? Where does that fit in

    79. Andrew Johnson

      You want to fix the DC movie universe? Fire Snyder. While everyone is lauding him for cleaning up a dumpster fire that he caused, it's easy to miss that every single f-up in every movie of the DC movie universe, every facet that fans of the comics hated (love them or hate them, they're the reason that the MCU does well), every conflict that got in the way of the productions, can be traced directly or indirectly back to Synder's interference.

      1. Shadow Strike

        MoS was fine imo. BvS was a shitstorm. and ZSJL imo was pretty good. 7/10, 4/10 and 7.5/10 respectively.

    80. Tipoxx

      *visible confusion*

    81. Omar Martinez

      Only problem, Mera has her accent in the bad ending.

    82. Kovid Cadera

      SOMEONE SEND THIS OVER TO THE STUDIO. Like, Star Wars has Dave Filoni. I pray DC will be able to save them with a move like this. PLEASE.

    83. 03 Abhay Deshmukh

      This guy's a Genius

    84. 03 Abhay Deshmukh

      I actually watched the whole video on 360p just because he said to 🤣🤣🤣


      It all makes sence but what doesnt add up is that in the nightmare timeline we hear mira with the accent like she has in the rest of Snyder cut, that would mean that's the future of the snyder timeline right?

    86. JC123 _

      I’m a marvel fan and I think this is dope and would probably get me more into dc

    87. Potato Patato

      3:27 Heh, you can tell Matpat's reached the "bedtime story" part of dad-hood.

    88. Mccann Antonette

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    89. Joes Zone VR

      I liked this one

    90. Ryan Singh

      What an amazing video I only noticed a few things like how different The flash was from the Joss whedon flash but you got them all

    91. Special Order 937

      Mind BLOWN!!!!!!! 😳

    92. Savage Dameron

      Great theory, but DC is stupid and won’t do that. They’ll blow it up and start over and since they’re taking a woke approach this time it’ll blow up again and they’ll do it a 3rd time

    93. Justin Ames

      All I can say is #RestoreTheSnyderVerse

    94. PWR RA7

      In josstice leugue you can see Alfred in the car with lois whwn the JL ressereets superman. Bruce knows about lois from BVS.

    95. jolteon pizza

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    96. SoulHuN7eR

      I am sold. Shut up and take my €€€ 😎

    97. N2

      So DC might have a chance against Marvel

    98. sujith sudhakaran

      There is a tieny winey steppenwolf problem in this theory unless one of the steppenwolf in the movies is fake ( or his replacement taking his name ) But that's just a theory, my theory atleast 😂

    99. Louis Aguado

      Can't wait to buy the Snyder cut. Best DC movie ever

    100. Queen Cersei Lannister

      That Joker is the cringiest thing I've seen. 😂😂