Film Theory: Follow The Rabbit... Decoding The Walten Files.

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    Finally, there is a Five Nights At Freddy's type of content I can cover on Film Theory. Theorists, welcome to The Walten Files. It is a video series created by Martin Walls and we HAVE to talk about it. It is not your standard haunted animatronic eatery story. Sit back and grab a snack as I introduce you to the series you NEED to know, what it's telling us, and where I think it is going. Just press play....

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    0:00 - What is The Walten Files?
    7:25 - Special Thanks To Google One
    9:27 - Piecing Together The Timeline...


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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
    Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    1. hello kitty

      wa wa walten 😍

    2. Paracosm

      Wa-wa-walten please continue I need in depth answers to this yt channel I already saw Nexpo’s video but I think you get into the nitty gritty of things!!

    3. Sarah :)

      Guys I have now decoded the deaths of the Walten Family! :D Now allow me to explain U-U Ok now lets start with May the 2nd 1974 where Edd and Molly die in the car crash with Felix but he survived then next was Jack Walten went missing on June the 11th 1974 then next is Rosemary a few days later she died on July the 19th 1974(Yes all of the deaths accured on this year T-T) Then next is Ashley a few years later she went to the K9 Storage Facility with these two people called Kevin W and Hillary B on 7/12/1978 and Ashley died two days later in the middle of the night (7/14/1978) and she is now Billy The Clown then the last person to die is Brian Stells he was killed by Bon in the early hours of morning on October the 10th 1982 and all there left is Sophie Walten and somehow she forgets everything of what happend to her family but then slowly recognizes them by the game called Bunnyfarm and that is all I have left to comment on about The Walten Files and thank you for reading! :)

    4. Erica Reyes

      Wa-wa Wolton >:)

    5. The Fusion Show

      If you decode the description of the sy05 channel you get this… I watch within the shadows. i guide others to success. i am here to help you piece this puzzle together. i cannot give you the answers directly. but i can help you find them. be wise or the puzzle shall forever remained unsolved -Sy05

    6. Hot Pepper Juice

      mat pat has the best voice

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    8. The Fusion Show


    9. The Fusion Show


    10. The Fusion Show


    11. Aalo Ellila

      I don’t recommend watching this In a dark room with ur third eye open😙🤞

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    14. Ayme Barrios

      Where part 2 MATPAT

    15. Pepe Mkd

      Wa-wa- walten

    16. CurtDog

      Am I the only one who thinks that Jack guy looks like Severus Snape?

    17. This Channel does not exist

      Where’s the second episode @ tho?

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    22. am eat

      5:43 WE MISS U BRIAN 😕😕😕😕

    23. 🐾bailey

      Maybe this could give u some hints !

    24. *Sparkling Justice*

      14:10 Why does the one in the middle look like she has that one Roblox woman face.

    25. paranoid milk

      Uh does Sophie wear purple or red? Because i see red not purple

    26. mr carrots

      im watching this knowing most of the lore already

    27. Thatoneidiot 1234

      wa wa walten

    28. christian Kirkpatrick

      Make the next video already

    29. Mr.J

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    31. Miss Self Destruct

      Don't lie, this is everything FNAF could have and should have been.

    32. Mary K

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    33. Strawberrii

      Ok- FNAF was bad until I saw this

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      I hate Goku

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      More More More Wa-Wa Walten

    38. Ghost Pit

      It's been a month matthew, wheres part 2

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    40. Probably Satan

      I think what unsettles me the most is that these are ADULTS as the victims. in fnaf, it was a guy killing children and hiding the bodies in suits - but these are full grown adults with higher chances of escaping or fighting back yet still unable to. that kind of scares me.

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    43. Idrefno2434

      bruh the part that susans face on banny

    44. tea bee

      Wa-wa walten

    45. PlipPlop Dripdrop

      I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned this yet but there's a website called that contains new stuff like images. Also adding /rosemarywalten or /jennyletterson gives some more stuff as well. Not sure if it's legit tho, but it seems like it so it's worth checking out!

    46. loztelesiba

      when is the next walten files theory gonna come out please my sis have been waiting for very long

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    48. Magic And lucid

      i havent seen any wa-wa waltens yet so here matpat. wa-wa walten

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    51. Jess-aster

      they have Twitter accounts too @The Film Theorists I'm not sure if you knew that or not. {the mother claims to have 3 children on her Twitter account, however, I couldn't find a third} ( the wife/mother/i forgot what she does for the company: ) ( the co-owner/husband/father: ) ( the second co-owner: ) ( the brother: ) ( the sister: ) ( ant the other sister: ) ( Sophie's room-mate jenny: ) ( this is the facility caretaker, your guy Brian Stells: ) ( this person named Sadie:, I scrolled down a bit on her page and she said not to search up findjackwalten this search led me to this website: | there is something at the bottom of that page that says click here, I did click it and it led me to this website: but that led me to a page with a drawing/picture ((it being this:,h_800,al_c,q_90,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/715_sin_titulo_20210416195456.webp )) and the words "did you for-" which I'm assuming says 'did you forget ??????' ((there are question marks because after trying to do all that I could, I just couldn't get that answer. I even tried the source code, nothing.)) ) I found a song which I believe is their theme song or something like that ( (( the lyrics You need some fun, But got nowhere to run, So come to Bon's Burgers {The Only One} )) ) ( this is billy's birthday song: ) (I just found this video, it's all of the backwards messages reversed up to bunnyfarm: ) [I've spent more time writing and looking through things than watching the video.] ( MatPat please see this)

    52. Dredgen Veil

      Good luck. /channel/UC9YXCCz-A28lxhMA-ArfBaA

    53. Babybebop

      5:33 Mat… _Mat that’s not purple it’s red_

    54. Kaiko Zuki

      Matpat its been 1 month you forgot to give us PART 2

    55. Be_likeSquidward

      Hey Matpat I love ur vids but stop the jump scares bro

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      Pls more Walten files Ps wa wa walten

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      Ahem Wa Wa Walten

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    59. Cole Kiesler

      My favorite moment is the FIblock comment section being the scariest part.

    60. BeanStalk o3o

      wa-wa-walten 🦭

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    63. Aden Willemburg

      if anyone wants a deep dive into it, nexpo released a video a week ago that i highly recommend

    64. XGamerThunder

      Is this ever gonne be contiued?

    65. Tanner McCoy

      Do more food to eat on FNAF what are they putting in their pizzas if they're killing kids more often but there's only some animatronics that are actually souls

    66. YoAshton

      Susan is Banny The Rabbit Rosemary is Shah The Sheep Ashley is Billy Rhe Clown Jack could be Bon The Rabbit Charles could be The Gray Rabbit or BooZoo The RingMan

      1. Pump Spooky Month


    67. Black Bird

      The story is very interesting but I’m actually surprised people are finding the imagery scary lol it’s not that bad

    68. Andrew Ritz

      Jcsncdwdkcjhbsdjuhcfbsfiu solved this!

    69. emerson depew

      If you go to Sy05 channel, there is more code, and a link to a site looking for jack

    70. Mr Ferret

      It's funny you called Martin's face nightmare fuel!

    71. JudasI

      Sophie is Jack Walten’s daughter because if you see the first episode near the television there is a bottle of pills that are prescribed for “Sophie Walten”

    72. Indie Amer

      If you go onto the actual videos, most people have actually figured out what everyone’s role in the story took place, if some wants me too, I can give you the basic plot of a the characters 👍

    73. Called Rocket265

      thank you for showing this masterpiece to a wider audience

    74. Gauge Rogers

      The part where he says now you don't have to visit a abandoned storage facility to see your loved ones that image I bet if you change some of the colors you would probably see something

    75. 𝕄𝕣ℝ𝕠𝕓𝕠𝕥𝔾𝕦𝕪ℍ𝔻


    76. Hudking009

      “What happened to Jack?” It’s obvious. The “founder” killed him for the rights of the company. Probably stuffing him into the Bon Bunny animatronic. Which is probably the reason why he’s all about stuffing others into suits. And that proves the reason why he is unhappy with the tape calling The co-founder Felix a smart and nice guy. Also may be the reason he says stuff like “let me out of here” and his appearance on tapes. Also could be the reason Bon tells Rosemary “I know where your husband” or something like that.

    77. Gregg Rulz Ok ?

      7:14 *sus*

    78. Leonardo Travinci

      Wa-wa-Walten. When do we get to see Part 2?

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    80. Liana Gaming

      Sophie is probably jack and rosemary's kid and i think shes the one who has the repressed memory

    81. Vector Evilman

      5:01 this is nothing compared to the sonic cd sound you mentioned in petscop

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    83. cas g

      wa-wa-walten 😕🌈

    84. Nathan R

      Lol, Brighton was my hometown. The only horrific thing that happened there was my childhood.

    85. BEEP YEET


    86. Borivoje

      Watch Nexpo for Walten Files, since he goes more in depth. Btw the story itself is pretty terrifying imo.

    87. Mistyphox

      On Sy05's channel, go to about, and click on the link. You'll find more clues there

    88. GalaxyDog

      Wa wa walten

    89. Demon the Gamer

      Kinda reminds me of the oldroot minecraft cryptic game

    90. Pangus Khan

      Go watch the Nexpo video. It's much more in-depth and covers more of the series.

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    92. Reno Zoggia

      My family... My friends... All dead... I tried to warn them but... ...they ran with scissors

    93. Sage Gabriella

      I'ma just Wa-wa-walten because this story has been taking over my sleep so

    94. Wednesday

      we need moreeeeeeeeee

    95. Sun.

      Random story time with ME! When I was in 2nd grade my friend told me she still liked spongebob and I still did aswell but i didnt tell her that. She then said that if I told anyone she would smack me. I told everyone.

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