Film Theory: Dad Is Awake d͛̊̏̆͠AD̙͂̓̉̓ iS͌̇̍ Ȧ̳̑̅͑̕Wa͕̋kE̞͐̒͆͐̚ D̪̀̍͋̎Ą̄̄d̕ IŞ͗̌̉̂̋ a͐̚Wa̅Ǩ͊E̪͘

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    1. Dad

      Matthew Pathew, it seems you may have stopped eating your FOOD. Well, maybe it’s time you consume some ELEMENT…

      1. Joseph reallol

        Again sus

      2. Robert Sheedy


      3. Vivienne Ruske

        @FireWolf General Kenobi

      4. #vonz

        Frick the server and your not my dad

      5. ZeroTwo the great

        Element, earth, soul, interesting...

    2. GeneTheBean

      He 69 nice

    3. BizonulSamurai YT

      I don't know what is real anymore.

    4. Abombpatron425

      Haha. I don’t know what “Food” is but I certainly don’t remember eating it! I’ve never eaten it... right? Right? esir lliw sdad ehT

    5. Wow My name

      Fun Fact: Keith went on Americas Got Talet to dance and went throught to the next round!

    6. McKenna Rodriguez

      Was I the only one laughing at “dadbot 69 is turned on” just me? Just my dirty mind? Okay

    7. Jefferson Modelo

      hmm 15051?....

    8. Lilac

      `` One Fifty Five 1 `` Srange dont you think?Also what is `` ELEMENT... ``

    9. Woolf

      The guy sounds like Ryan Reynolds lol

    10. Tenko Shimura

      Scarlet could also be a reference to the Scarlet queen ai from resident evil

    11. What ?

      Noticed the other cube is evengelion

    12. what the deimos doin



      WTF, MatPat, Cloak is from Markiplier AND JackSepticEye.

    14. SpAce98

      3:52 Wow, I can't believe they got How2Basic on the series


      How did matpat write like that in the title of the video?

    16. Frisky DaFox

      1, Fifty, Five, One? Why does he keep typing numbers? Might it be a code? 🤔

    17. lucas lopez

      for the donkey theory if he is a human why didnt he become one in shreck 2?

    18. Flaming bull

      Kinda remind me of the crane from tmnt

    19. The Tuc Show

      mat pat, you scared me in this video, especially since this might be real. (sorry if this is offensive)

    20. Yutong Chen

      MatPat: "Talks abour scarlet" Me:

    21. Kasaen

      Day 1 of asking for a 21 Pilots Film Theory episode

    22. Alice Ericksen

      This would make a really good movie 😄 it’s such a good story idea


      MatPat you should absolutely look into where_is_the_sky on tiktok. I know you don't tend to dabble in short videos like that too often; however, it is a real interesting product with lots or lore. Which is definitely your specialty. ;) Anyhow if you see this would make an excellent Film Theory Episode?!

    24. ChesterWasProbablyTaken

      Dad said 155 in the comments Just thought i would say that

    25. KendallChaos

      Side note and possibly completely coincidental and unrelated but Kyle Hill’s advanced lab complete with advanced AI is also called “the facility”

    26. AnimeOtakuDrew

      Hey, MatPat! You need to do a video over on Food Theory about FOOD! What is FOOD? What ingredients could be included into it that allowed it to suppress Andan's memories and make him susceptible to Cheryl's control? How were its effects ended by eating normal food (or could it specifically be pancakes that counteracted it)? I'd really like to see you do a deep dive into FOOD and reveal all of its secrets.

    27. STEPHANIE Quinn


    28. The Mighty Goose

      Next thing we know is Wife/Cheryl's favorite color is purple

    29. JustJulion


    30. Ale.2P

      Cheryl's daughter was called Lucia, Scarlett Johansson starred in Lucy. Scarlett is Lucia.

    31. Dancing

      In the beginning he sounds like bill from a show

    32. Rei Miller

      never would I have imagined that matpat would mention neon genesis evangelion in his video...

    33. pitspringbonniethegamer

      what I think that he is trying to take over youtube

    34. Isaac Syverson

      nice intro

    35. Yuuki Makoto

      Matpat Cloak is jacksepticeye's and markiplier's merch company, and Sean did upload anything since three weeks So I think Sean is the one dying not mark

    36. Adrianna Sanchez

      At 11:56 (might wanna go back a little bit more to stop) there is a flashing light and it has a message. The message is as follows: “To anyone who can see this I need your help, but tell no one. Matpat continues to try to pay us in cans of food and floods us with assignments to “obey the server.” Please if you see this I need you to ERROR 53415645544845454449544f5253: Render failed” Idk what that error code means, but if anyone has any information please let me know in the comments! I just wanted to share what I saw! :)

    37. Baby Yoda

      Obey the sever? Obey the server!!

    38. Hi


    39. Mc dude

      I know it's been a month but give me part 3

    40. Stuart Palma

      Thanks matpatt for proving you dont care about your fans ppl unsubscribe he promotes stuff that screw u over dont listen to him go somewhere else

    41. Anton Kishkowsky

      Has anyone ever suggested Mr. Freeman for an episode? I think Matt would be interested

    42. Xavier 8

      cant wait for dadbot 69420

    43. Monky

      Hélłõ mátpåt ìs mê

    44. Ethan Gurner

      Dabot 69 nice

    45. NAET


    46. Dylan’s Channel :]

      *1551* What are u saying, dude

    47. Rafael McGrath Fernando

      YOUR NEXT MATPAT at x2 speed has a secret medage

    48. Madelyn Buzek

      Lol my dad is awake it’s morning

    49. Accio Lovegood

      Coralline ?? 😟

    50. ambige

      d a d

    51. Kita Tesoro

      8:16 Logan Paul makes a cameo when talking about a lack of brain power & emotions. The funny thing is Logan got accepted into university for Industrial Engineering but left because he saw vine as a bigger opportunity.

    52. Shadow Dragon23

      Don’t eat the FOOD do not obey the server

    53. Captain Harlock

      1:53 is it me or Mat look like Tom Cruise on this picture XD

    54. fliming videos

      this video is cool

    55. Batavica

      1-5-50-1 Code from dad

    56. Dwayne James SY

      we need a theory of game theory lol

    57. Blanketcrab _


    58. I ate your mum 756

      Cheryl is like a human mother Miranda 😩

    59. 17

      So that code from Dad comment it might be a time stamp related to the Dad - Act 3 (Complete) video where at 15:50 it shows the Server

    60. Zhanna X Ace

      How many times is dad gonna count in the coments?

    61. Mr Banana

      anyone else notice 11:56 Im pretty sure someone should try to decode it.

    62. SPAM SPAM


    63. Lindsay Harman

      Bro this is where dad's go! They don't get milk they get replaced

    64. Goran Nashreen

      That “monster” at 5:37 is the monster that appeared in one of the events of the game honkai impact

    65. an ordinary guy


    66. Amaracea

      Matt, you should delve into McJuggerNuggets… Absolutely mindblowing how complex and intricate and deep it gets. Looks like just one dumb, kinda arrogant character on the surface, but the more you watch and the more you find the connected channels the more crazy it gets. Sometimes you forget you’re watching fictional videos… or are you

    67. Paige Gravell

      Dad said “1, 50, 5”. MAKE. A. THEORY. NOW

      1. Paige Gravell

        Lol he actually said 1 50 5 1

    68. isik ay

      dad bot 69 n i c e

    69. Antonio Ortiz

      Do a bo burnham dissection theory about the message he was trying to convey.

    70. Mr paws 54

      Mat look out Dad is coming for you

    71. Samonautika

      Is Dad on this video speling a code or a number? idk

    72. Evan

      I love seeing the Evangelion appreciation

    73. Verdant Verve

      Dad's awake Anger beats loud Face reality

    74. Arch Peko

      Dad bot 69, nice

    75. Dylan Maxwell

      0:14 Mathew eats food asmr?

    76. DR ADEEL Qamar

      Plz do a theory on slugterra I know it's sounds stupid but thd show is so good

    77. Chief Glowstone

      Wait, is this still film theory or is this irl news?

    78. IvxLeD

      I mean, as long as the server you’re obeying is “The FIblock Algorithm”

    79. daybeachcauseliving

      Is everyone just gonna ignore dad’s comments? 😱

    80. PepsimanSonic299

      So now we know what the 4 square is.

    81. F1u1d

      Everyone love Jesus .

    82. Kaileighs Topics

      Dad puts the meaning in “ astronaut in the ocean”

    83. saffi S ✔️

      no one wanna say anything about that title

    84. clone_cl 24


    85. bee

      Why is dad commenting numbers

    86. Saeyoung Choi

      “Who killed markiplier?” Apparently its dad.

    87. William Bell

      Error spelled backwards sounds like rorre may the markiplier killing

    88. CorranMacLeod Hi

      8:14 *denzel curry starts to play* MatPat: mmm pretty good

    89. CorranMacLeod Hi


    90. Luca Franceschini

      11:55 *WHAT IS WRITTEN??!*

    91. Mikhail Alri

      I was dadbot 1 but i was a god but she #(#((#)3&'#6()#/

    92. Gabrielle Guintu


    93. Gabrielle Guintu


    94. Knowles Dilley

      When he said “Obey the server” I felt that

    95. Oblivion

      Well we need a new theorist

    96. jbootsgames

      I don't even know what to think anymore. MatPat? is that you ?

    97. Adam Abbas


    98. TheAdvertisement

      2:45 "Like many an Indie game protagonist before her." Yeah they uh... really like this theme for horror games huh?

    99. TheAdvertisement

      1:58 Yoo that effect of the Server glitching in place of the logo and taking place of the fourth space is awesome!

    100. London Cooper

      Film theory I think a really cool FIblock channel you should try and watch is project 863. It has a cool story to it and the first season just finished